Thursday, April 4, 2013

The unbridled tongue......

This morning we studied James 3 and 4, we try and read two chapters each morning and then the Ladies either work on memorizing parables or recently they have been practicing their songs for singing at the nursing home and the assisted living.  They get to chose the song they work on, they sort of have to chose ones I know enough to help them.  I am tone deaf and I can't read music so it has to be one that I know quite well so I can help them with the tone.  They are working on "when the roll is called up yonder"  they have the chorus down, even the upper and lower parts,  They understand how to hold the note as the other sings the bottom words.  They are getting along on this song well.  Their memory verses are on hold as they are working on their ministering to the aged, I think for now it is more important for them to learn. 

This morning we studied about the tongue and how an unbridled one can lead to such misery and despair.  They learned that you can manage something big like a horse with a bridle, such a small thing can control such a big thing.  They learned that a rudder can control a massive ship, such a small thing can manage such a large thing.  Our tongues are such a small thing and they control such a large thing our bodies and our lives.  We spoke of the fact that a fount can not flow both sweet and bitter water, no fount I know streams fresh and salt water, it can not flow sweet tea and lemonade.  We likened a fount that flows sweet and bitter as sisters that might read and sing to the Lord during Bible time but when they go to eat their breakfast they scream and yell at one another.  They understood in real time the fleshes ability to, or need to stumble.  We spoke of how God's will was that we be the fresh water and the devils will that we be the salt water of a fount.

We continued by speaking of hypocrisy of how we can manage to see that our sister or neighbor doesn't do their chores or might say a bad word; and seeing this we go tell on them but when we do the same thing we don't tell on ourselves, or repent of our own miss deed.  That the tongue is truly one of the most destructive things in our lives and one of the most blessed, it is our choice on how we steer our rudder, how we bridle our words.  I love the books in the Bible that are easiest for me to explain to them, and they can truly understand in their terms.  I so much of the time can't explain the in depth meanings of  some of the chapters to them, maybe because they are too young or I have no yet been enlightened by God of the meanings myself.  I love that the living Word of God is a living breathing book that each and every time you read it there is something new, God reveals more to your heart and soul each time you read it.  It is wondrous that the Ladies are embracing it at such a young age, and being trained up to go to the Lord first thing, and first thing in the morning. 

Proverbs 22:6

King James Version (KJV)
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I hope that you were trained up in the Lord, but if not you can train up your child in the Lord, as the Lord is always awaiting your homecoming to him with open arms, today is the day of your homecoming just run into the Lords embrace...... tomorrow.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Debbie! You have lovely girls.

    1. thank you, I do try with them, I see your lovely little lady is growing, I think you will be and are a great mother and she will blossom in your training.


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