Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poppie has an idea, a table and room change.....

I spent the day moving my front room around, well the morning anyway had the grands on my day off the later part of the afternoon.  I have to paint still so it will be a temporary fix and then back when the painting is done, I do like how I have it arrange.  We use the front room differently in the summer than the winter.  We don't us the stove all summer and the later part of spring, well here that has come, though we are going to have snow on Sunday.  Poppie never burns a stove in or after April so we make due.  I have had a sewing machine, well it was once a treadle machine, I had found it at the antique store in the 80's.  I was the only parlor machine I ever saw.  I loved it.  It looked like furniture and then it opened up into a sewing machine.  I needed money one year and my mom talked me out of it for cheap.  She took it home and found that it had some veneer work on part of it.  She was, and is a hardwood snob, so decided she would remake it.  She managed to take it apart and then lost interest.  She gave it back to me  but I never got it back together so it sat under the tree in my garden for 15 years.  The machine itself got ruined but the legs were lovely as ever.  They are actually brown rod iron.  Their configuration was different than another I have seen, I still love them, maybe because they were what was left of that special machine so long ago.  I digress.  Poppie had the center of the table we used to make the island left and it fit perfectly on my legs so now we have a repurposed little table in our front room.  I so want to put my tiffany lamp on it but the little grands would destroy it so the Ladies used it for a tiny dinner table last night, it is a lovely little piece, and wondrous because Poppie so gets it now. 

I am not sure that it was because of the repurposing we have been doing or it has been in the back of his mind for a while, because I have no extra room for canning, but either way Poppie had a magnificent idea.  My house was designed to be one of two ways.  As we bought the lot model and got a great deal on it because it had been there over two years, we got it the way it came and didn't get to make any of the choices for it.  It came with white walls and the lay out of the rooms the way it came.  Anyway the room that is the office off of my master suite was designed to either be an office or sitting room that attach to the master or it could have a different door way and be part of the kitchen.  It could have been a huge pantry.  Poppie has decided that we would benefit more from a pantry more than an office.  The built in we made on the sore thumb is the office now, that way the girls are in a public area on the computers, always thinking, they are getting older.  Anyway Poppie wants to close the door off to our room and put the door way from the kitchen and make it a pantry.  I can't wait for it to be done.  The storage and the upright freezer, maybe even the chest, can be in there, along with shelves, counter space and places for those machines you need but don't need on you counters all the time.  You know, the meat grinder, the grain grinder, the meat slicer, the apple slicer/corer,  all needed but so specialized that they are a storage nightmare when not in use,  now they will all have a place.  I have told you before nerd here, so though it is a dream come true for me, hardly worth mentioning to the non nerds.  I am so excited to have it.  I am glad he decided to do it before I paint the kitchen, front room and bathrooms, and now the new pantry, yay. 

I hope you have a great day and the love of the Lord shines in you life.  God is love..... tomorrow.

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