Saturday, April 13, 2013

Road trip for the Ladies and I.....

We have happily had two piglets for 4-H and were awaiting the weigh in and tagging on Sunday, right on Poppie's birthday.  Yesterday Poppie came in to tell me that one of the piglets had a anal prolapse. Okay, do the problems with piglets never end this spring?  I got right on craiglist knowing that a lot of the 4-H kids struggled to find piglets, none were available.  I found some in eastern Montana, far northern Montana and some heritage ones for exorbitant amounts.  I was beginning to think that the girls were not going to be able to continue in their pig projects.  I decided to look into the market pigs listing, I don't really know why, and low and behold there was one with piglets and at a good price.  I got on the phone and he was a very nice older gentlemen, not sure if his are quite old enough.  I told him that there had been such a drought of piglets that if they were close to ready they would be fine.  He said they were but had not been withered.  I told him that we really didn't have a problem with that as we can do it.  He quoted us a price of 40% less than his listing, which was truly kind.  Alas the Ladies and I are on a road trip this morning to go get them.  He buys food at the same place we do so not all that far a trip, win win.  Poppie is to sore to go so has declined to go and since it is his b-day weekend we didn't push him to go with us. 

We are up and ready to go get our two new piglets, we are hoping to get females but will get to pick when we get there.  He said he had 14 but some of them are runts so we will see how it goes.  I will keep this short and sweet as we are going soon.  Wish us luck, we have to start getting some pig luck soon.  Maybe, no, for sure, the Lord has a reason we just have to wait patiently to see the outcome.  The Lord's blessings hold you, wish us luck....tomorrow.

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