Saturday, April 6, 2013

Demonstration day, and the island is going to be so beautiful....... maybe a ride later.

We got up and did our Bible first thing, the girls sang and then did one last quick run through of their demonstration.  We arrived on time, I hate to be late so am always a little early.  They got ready and drew their number, they were second in a group of 8.  They both did well no freezing up, but they both worried their fun loving spirits to a point that their personalities didn't really come out.  They did very well especially for a first time.  They got blue ribbons, which all but three kids who got purples received.  I was so proud of them.  They were very knowledgeable about their subject.  Two people said they would come buy pies this summer, and one of the judges wanted to know if they were going to be accountants when they grew up as they were already entrepreneurs.  One said she might, and she just might.  Nice way to start the morning.

We got home and shared our wonderful news with Poppie he had been working on our island.  He cut the riser legs, they are ugly but we should be able to make them truly a part of the piece by the time we are done.  We have left over pieces from the dresser that will really make the piece look wondrous when it is done.  I am glad we have all the piece of antique wood with the original patina on it.  I is nice that all the piece are so close in color.  We would have gotten further along on the island except that yesterday Poppie made me a barn wood bookcase and shelf for all of my cookbooks. I used two antique crates as bookcases for the girls cookbook collections, they were so proud that we got special display places all their own in our kitchen.  I am so glad that after 5 years of living in our house we are finally comfortable enough in it to make it "ours"  I love old barn would and now that we are incorporating it in to the house I feel for the first time it is really us.  Funny how at one time Poppie hated barn wood and now he so appreciates it.  He can see the beauty in it and grasp the concept of making the old new again.  I am loving my new house the more it becomes the house of our dreams, no one else's, as they probably wouldn't want it, but our dream house. 

We may sneak away later and go on a ride, but then again maybe not, as we have lots of stuff to move to storage and the island to work on so I am sure time will get away from us but one can dream.  I hope the Lord blesses your day, your life and you soul, he has wondrous rewards for us in heaven.  Life here is just a holding place for the glorious life to come, I hope you have secured your hereafter and accepted your invitation to live with and praise God in heaven, it's a free invitation, the grace of God is free to all takers.... tomorrow.  

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