Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Talent show, desk corner complete..... equals.

The Ladies and their friend Coppers combined into a trio in the talent show last night.  They did well but there was some problems with the mike and music which overshadowed their singing for part of the performance.  I think the most important part of a talent show at the grade school level is helping them build confidence in getting up in front of their peers and trying.   I think all the kids that participated did well and all built on their skills and confidence.  The program was fun, informal, no prizes given out as all who tried were winners.  It lasted about an hour and 15 minutes, it was a lot of fun and community building.  All that attended gained something, the best kind of event. 

The girls are practicing for singing at the nursing home and assisted living on Saturday.  The song they have chosen is making them work hard to try and get it right.  I can still not carry a tune but I think I have helped them get a grasp of how the melody goes.  They have decided to always try and sing a song that is familiar to the elderly they are singing to.  It always seem to be a comfort for them to hear something traditional.  I am glad that they are continuing in singing for them and am glad to see them feeling and understanding that joy of ministering.  It also helps them to have more comfort in being the focal point of an audience.  Win, win.

Poppie finished my desk and got it in place, it was made out of the old coffee table and matching end tables.  It came out very nice.  It fits in to the old snack bar part of my sore thumb island.  We just wanted  more definition between our kitchen and living areas so it is now transformed into a wall of sorts with one side facing the kitchen and the other a desk/bookcase hutch.  It really does look nice and reminiscent of craftsman built in.  Poppie did a wonderful job.  We still have to finish up the island but all is coming along, though Poppie is still stretched thin.  He and Mokie will be moving more things to storage today.  I bought paint for the kitchen yesterday.  I wanted a sage green or a terra cotta but in the end I went with a deep golden cream that accented the tiles.  I know in the end the cream will be less of a statement and probably a longer acceptable choice, less likely to be disliked with routine and age.  I rarely get tired of my choices but Poppie just might and he did let me paint my one wall in our bed room  paprika red, and it is very red, so it will be nice to be less controversial in the kitchen.  I am going to do undercoat and Kilz  before I paint,  the kitchen gets so much that can stain in it so thought I would cover anything under and hope to help with the future things that could cause paint problems.  I can't wait, this is the first time we have really tried to make our home ours.  It is great that the ours we are making it is a combined ours,  we would not have had the same combined ours even 5 years ago, we have so grown in the last few years, maybe more than in the prior 28, funny how that works. 

I get a lot of flack from my friends when I make the comments that you don't see a couple in a long term marriage, or I guess relationship, that don't have the same deep down values, ethic and beliefs.  They always say I am wrong or it is not that way all the time.   They will then say what about so and so she is so nice and he is a "xxxxx".  I always say either he is much nicer than we think or she is more like him than we suspect.  If you really pay attention you can soon see which is which.  God says you never yoke unequal's together, and if you watch unequal relationship never survive.  Birds of a feather always flock together.  It is great that in our relationship, Poppie and mine, that we are truly equals, and to those of you who look and say, they are nothing alike, you just aren't looking close enough, we are so much more alike than anyone would have imagined when we first started out or we wouldn't have succeeded in our long term relationship.  It was God's plan, all the long tern ones are gifts from God, never doubt it, he never yokes unequal's lastingly........ tomorrow.

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