Monday, April 15, 2013

Piglet weigh in.... Poppie vegged.

We had a nice day at Church.  We sang happy birthday to Poppie and praised the Lord.  It is always comforting, joyous and wonderful to go to Church.  We get to go renew our faith and study the Word, all soul filling.  I know that sounds cliché but isn't that how something becomes a cliché, because it is truth most of the time.  I don't want to suggest that Chruch is cliché because it isn't but the wondrous feelings you can get from going can be so good that it almost seems cliché to talk about it.  I don't find Church a routine other than the going should be routine.  God wants us there so he can give us communal blessings.  The blessings of being in an assembly with other people sharing the praising of the Lord.  The feeling of a family chosen by God, in a different way than the family he gave you at birth.  Regardless, we had a glorious day at Church, can't ever day at Church be glorious just because you got to worship the Lord?

We got home from Church and had to go right out and take the piglets to the weigh in.  The piglets were many, I think around 30 or so.  I got to worrying about ours, because of all our troubles ours are very young, short of 4 weeks.  They are big for their age but young.  Some of the piglets were nearly 80 lbs.  I talked to the MSU extension agent, not sure of his exact title.  I explained the problems, he did know of our Miss Chops melt down.  I asked if the girls would be disqualified, he said "no."  He said they were like me it was the experience that was the most important.  He also said if feed right the piglets might make the weights needed by the Fair.  210 to 280 lbs.  If they are fed right and if they are thrives and  good eaters.  One other 4-her had small piglets as well he is from Alberton.  His piglets and ours weighed in at 15 lbs each, so at least the girls won't be alone in their task to make the right weight, if not they will have learned a lot and worked hard and isn't that the point of 4-h.

Poppie refused to go to the weigh in.  It was his birthday after all and he got to spend it anyway he wanted.  He went to Church and spent the afternoon watching 4 hours of Moby Dick, a two part movie.  He had a great time.  The Ladies and I made him his cake, his masked potaoes and sawmill gravy he was in a simple man's heaven.  Imagine a day spent praising the Lord and looking to the glory of heaven then getting to come home and spend the afternoon in your heaven on earth, a blessing to be sure.... tomorrow.

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