Thursday, April 25, 2013

30,000, and 800, on track for the most veiwed month, a new page to come, I never thought I would be here......

Writing this blog has been an adventure and I never cease to be amazed that anyone ever wanted to read my ramblings.  I started my adventure in February of 2011 and today I write my 800th blog page.  Today I hit 30,000 thousand page views and if only half of those page views were people that actually read I am honored that 15,000 times someone stopped in to read what I have had to say, maybe even 20,000, think of that!  This month I am on track to have the most page views in one month.  There were those original almost six months that it took me to get to having a 1,000 page views and this month I could make 2,000 in one month.  I have decided that I will start a new page, not a new blog.  I actually know people that write a blog for awhile and refind themselves, or change and think that change means a new blog; not me I think that my blog is a representation of my changes, growth and becoming and those of you that followed along have shared my journey.  Well I am not going anywhere so stay tuned.  I have decided that I do want to complete one of my original intents for this blog that I have sadly ignored.  I want to set down all my recipes as a cookbook of sorts for my kids and grands.  I fully intend to write a handwritten on for each of my five as I do so cherish any thing that I have written by my Grandmothers but I also want to write down a story of recipes and here is the best forum I think.  I will add my meandering in recipes as a new page in the next few days.  I have decided I will add them straight out of my handwritten cookbook, not out of it once I get it organized into a concept that will be the handwritten cookbooks.  I feel that if I write it in order of that way it is currently written it may say something about the need for the recipes and show a timeline of needs in our family as it grew.  I may change but that is how I will begin.

I began this blog, as I have said before, for my child, my grands and for the one lost soul that might read my meandering and open up the Bible and hear the word of God.  I have not deviated in a major way from that first desire to write this blog.  I just find that I may have not have full filled the recipe aspect of the blog I had original wanted to add so hope to correct that.  I do think I have represented my daily life with the girls and grands well.  I have mouthed off at times about my politics, I have mouthed off about my tribulations and trials and again I have mouthed of in despair, in times of desperation and in times of sorrow. I have shared my joys, my loves and my life.  I thank all who have begun this journey with me, have continued on it with me and will stay to see how I progress.  I thank those of you that have listened to my faith become stronger and have opened you hearts and Bible to the Lord.  Most off all I thank the Lord for his Grace is allowing me to partake of his Grace. 

Thank you for 30,000 and 800, that you read sings to my heart, that I am of interest to you amazes me and thank you for listening to my encouragement to seek the Lord in your life and I pray it has helped you seek out his grace and love.... tomorrow. 

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