Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ortho day, Zootown, Painting, grands and play practice all in on short day.

Yogie and I are off to the Zoo in the next few minutes.  Yogie has an ortho appointment, one of her last few teeth will be getting its bracket and one still hasn't gotten in enough to have the bracket put on it. Once the brackets are finally on it will only be about another 7 months of braces.  I will be glad that they are done.  Funny thing her braces will be all done by the time that most kids get theirs on.  I am so glad that her dentist is ahead of the curve for some of the young kids like Yogie.  Had we waited until she was the normal age she would have lost several adult teeth.  Her mouth did not have the room for the teeth to even come in, so by putting the braces on younger the dentist was able to expand her palette as it grew to make room for all the teeth to have a place to grow in to. 

Booboo has asked us to pick up 30 crickets for the class lizard, I have a couple small stops and then home.  Yogie back to school so she and Booboo can go to play practice this evening. They both got parts in the MCT play.  It is really a blessing the that the MCT program has grown and expanded like it has over the years, world wide now.  Children who would not otherwise get a chance at a large product, well so to speak, play get to through their efforts.  I remember being in their plays as a kids when the program was in its fledgling years.  They are working on an adaptation of Red Riding Hood.  The performance will be on Friday.

I have grands to watch this afternoon shortly after I get home, or maybe they will be here when I get home.  I have painting to do in my kitchen.  I have gotten part of the kitchen done.  I am only painting a relatively small area of the kitchen but I have to move lots of stuff paint, then move it back, move more stuff so a slow process.  I will be glad when that kitchen is done.  I am going to paint the front room and both bathrooms as well.  I have tiling to do in the kitchen and some kind of flooring to put down in the pantry and one of the bathrooms.  The girls rooms will come next, flooring and painting.  I am excited to get it done and new beginning to come. 

Well have to run, crack the whip on the tooth brushing.  I hope the Lord holds you in his arms this day.... tomorrow. 

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