Saturday, April 20, 2013

BBFC delays on our first B Week, winter grows to long, and the Ladies conquered the Wolf so to speak....

Yesterday my emails were a busy with the weather systems of a state away.  I never considered the weather in another state would make so much difference on my Saturday.  I mean I do realize that sometimes a weather event in ND or AZ would come to my attention because of my kids and grands, in those states, but for the most part if it isn't something that I can see out my window it doesn't make that much difference in my life. See I am like the meteorologist I look out the window, I digress, but doesn't it seem sometimes like that's what they do?  Anyway, yesterday it started coming through in emails that the trucks that bring the produce to our BBFC sites in Montana are delayed in Wyoming.  We were supposed to have had our first drop at 10:30 this morning and now the drop isn't to come until 12:30 if they stay on the current proposed schedule.  I am hoping they do, I have a road trip with the Ladies, Mokie and Littles after.  Poppie and I have to make a run tomorrow to drop of BBFC baskets, so another trip, then and on Monday Poppie has a DR appointment, a larger than usual one and then I am taking him to Human Resources so the next three day will allow for no painting time, or tiling.  I am so excited with my new kitchen I can't keep from mentioning it, even in passing.  I got all my teapots washed and up in new places.  I am gather the large pieces from their stored spots to display, so far the room looks good well except for all the work that isn't done, funny how my house always looks the worse before the better, sort of like the dark before the dawn.  Okay, so it has been a long winter, with the new wave we have had in last couple week, I may be getting a little stir crazy and silly but who knows it may just be me.

My Ladies have been practicing their MCT play, an adaptation of Red Riding Hood, this week.  They had two showings of the play yesterday, we got to go to the evening performance with the other proud parents.  I filmed the whole thing, my first try at using the video camera, Poppie says the results are much better than his taping of the Christmas concert, Spring Concert next week, so more to tape soon.  The kids all did great and the program is such a blessing to all involved.  My Ladies were shadows and fires, they both did a good job.  Almost all of the kids get at least a small speaking part, well except for the really little ones, mine had a few lines each and two songs.  I think they were proud of their accomplishments and isn't that the desired design in the end?  They worked hard all week and had their day in the lime light.  I am glad they got to be a part of such a good thing.  I am also so thankful for the adults that put such time and energy into making this happen.  Kudos to one and all.  I do know in the end I am very thankful it is only a annual event.  My Booboo is a bear, pun intended.  She does not do late very well and in our family anything after 8 is late, she hasn't been to bed all week before 8:30 or 9 so long week.  She is a grouch and I am letting her sleep this morning hoping that she will find her sweet self in her dreams..... 

I am going to finish up my coffee, do a little work in my kitchen and then start on all my obligations for the next few days.  I hope the Lord bless your day.  I know he has blessed the peoples of Boston this morning, praise be to him the terror is over.  I do so wish that the PC climate in this current time would just get over itself and let people wake up to the reality of Jihad.  We are open to such victimization in this country because of our entitlement life styles, PC culture and the turning away from God.  We need to, as a country, turn back to our Savior and ask for his love, his grace and his forgiveness before the Jihadist destroy us from our own stupidity and lack of faith.  They certainly haven't turned their backs on their faith and their god. May your faith be renewed, reborn or may  it be as an epiphany at last in your life, may you finally hear the word of God calling to your soul, it is not to late but the time is coming when it will be.... tomorrow.  

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