Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poppies B-day.... just another day of the year, ask him....

Well the road trip yesterday was a great success.  The Ladies each got a great piglet, a little young but nice and fat; made loud hungry noises in my front room bright and early this morning so the Ladies were up feeding them.  They are in a dog kennel, my bathroom is off limits.  I even bought new paint to paint both bathrooms, so no more baby anythings in there again, well I will make an exception for two footed ones but that's a near thing in itself.  The old farmer we got the piglets from is truly a fine old gentleman.  He is a retired railroad engineer.  We got there toured his farm, saw all his wonderful pigs, sows, market pigs and piglets, 14 in all, his whole operation was probably 30.  We had a great visit and then it was time to leave.  My car would not start the battery cable that has been giving us problems on occasion was missed up.  He spent the next hour and a half fixing it up for me, in the cold blowing wind and it was very cold, a little hale as well.  He would not hear of us being out in it with him and insisted we go into the farm house with his wife.  I felt so bad, but he was a stellar lovely old gentleman and there are few of them in this day and age.  Truly a loving soul.  He had had hernia surgery on Thursday on top of it all.  Poppie called him to thank him when we got home. 

I had originally planned on making a quick stop at the Amish store but the car problem made me think we didn't have time.  The Ladies had to be home to sing at 3:20 to sing at the nursing home.  The Gentleman told me the car would not be a problem again so I could go ahead and make a quick stop.  I was terrible we did stop for about 15 minutes, but I didn't turn off the car just in case, there was no need in the end to have left it on, it was well and truly fixed.  I would have stopped at Twins but she had a family emergency that I had read about on FB so she wasn't home anyway.  Her hubbie is in the hospital and I pray doing better.  We got some nice finds at the Amish store but not all of what we need so going back soon.  Will stop at Twin's next time, and my just make Poppie go so he can meet our Gentleman. 

Today is Poppie's birthday, he does not want a fuss.  It is just another day of the year don't you know.  He is going to make us get the pigs all moved around.  Charcoal in his pen, Miss Chops moved and ready to go to the butcher.  The other two small pigs will be in with the new piglets when done,  the one with the anal prolapse is seemingly doing okay, the prolapse has retracted and has not come out again so may be okay for growing into a whole hog for the 4th but if not the other one will and we will eat piglet soon.  Chocolate and Red need to be moved, the spring rain has wet their pen.  The new piglets are Reese and Pretzel.   The Ladies named them after our road trip, and they got pretzels and reeses cup as treats, so Pretzel and Reese it is. 

The Ladies and I are going to make mashed potatoes and sawmill gravy for Poppie later and of course we will have his favorite, Black forest cake.  They each made him cards and Cubbie got to sign one.  A simple man asks for simple things and I can't think of a simpler dinner.  I love my simple man, I hope he has a wonderful year and the Lord blesses him, can't think that he will be anymore blessed than his last year, though a life time believer he accepted the Lord's salvation this last year... nothing will out do that.  He will have to settle for the knowledge of being a partaker in the Lord's salvation from here on out... I hope you partake as well this year, or better yet partake today.... tomorrow.

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