Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mantle found, Gertie, painting coming alone well..... faith.

Yogie had a good day at the dentist.  She still has 6 teeth to finish growing in and then the last brackets can go on,  by Christmas her braces should be all done.  She had a tech that she had never had before.  She was very nice.  Yogie told her about her goats and she was enthralled as she has always wanted a goat.  She said she would love a goat and would name one Gertie.  Yogie and I told her that that was a good name and that we were always looking for good names.  We name our goats the same as the first letter of their moms name and since we have two G named mammas we are always looking for good G names.  She was excited to think that she would have an honorary goat of her chosen name.  I thought it was funny the name she chose it reminded me or when after Goofy was born Poppie wanted to name his next daughter Gertrude Sue.  It took me quite awhile to convince him that that was not a good name.  Mokie hates her name but is resolved to it now, isn't she lucky that her dad didn't get to name her Gertrude Sue, a much worse name in the end I am thinking.  We found out that Yogies dentist is going to Africa as part of a local church to do dental work for the people in need there.  She is getting to take her daughter, what a blessing for her and her child, the people of Tanzania, praise be to God.  It will be a lifetime of memories for her and her teenager, what a wondrous memories they will take home.  I was so excited for them.  She is the loveliest of people.

Yogie and I stopped at Human Resource to check on some slabs I had seen on their newsletter.  Poppie had just said he wanted a blue board to finish up our mantle.  Yogie and I found the exact one, it had blue and old aged grey on the outside of it.  Poppie is going to sand the face and as we now have all the components we will soon have our perfect mantle done.  We ate and came home, I dropped Yogie off at school and was soon at the house.  I got to painting right away.  I got most of the kitchen done, some of the wrap around into the front room, there is a cut out in the my living room so I two toned the paint from the kitchen into the living room.  It really does look nice.  As I painted I had time to contemplate, well don't you? painting is not rocket science so there is time to day dream.  Anyway as I contemplated it dawned on me that the two colors I was painting, one I got from my mother so didn't actually pick, were the same two (or very nearly) colors as Lady's last two kitchen colors.  Funny we have both picked the same paprika color and hadn't know it.  I think we just must like the same color palette, okay I did say it was mind numbing to paint walls....  I digress.

I finished painting and made 'Goosebumps' and stir fry for dinner, well for the kids, grands and I, Poppie got hamburger steak, gravy and corn.  Bubbles and Cubbie gobbled theirs all up.  Imagine a 16 month old that can't get enough veggies that she has to shovel them in, funny to watch her with her little fork in her left hand.  My grandfather was left handed and my dad should have been but was not allowed to be as a child.  I can't think of any others in our family.  Poppie took the girls to, and retrieved them from, play practice and our day was gone.

I was watching something so unremarkable that I can't right off remember what it was, when some one said show me.  It made me think of how so many want to be shown before they can have faith.  I remember as a young person actually praying for a sign but then is that faith?  I thought of how the Pharisees wanted Jesus to do something more to prove he was the son of God.  Is that faith?  I know as I age I have more and more come to understand what faith is.   It is not needing to have a sign to be persuaded to believe it is the pure and simple belief that some thing is with out some one having to prove it.  Andrew, Peter, James and John believed and follow just because Jesus said "come", he didn't not have to prove anything to them they believed, they had faith.  I hear every day why should I believe, show me why, that is not faith.  Faith is believing like a child, just because it is.  We need to have faith like a child, how pure that a child believes in ways we struggle to obtain..... Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen........ tomorrow.

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