Monday, April 22, 2013

Zootown with Poppy, Dr, Human Resources, busy day to come....

No grands today which will be nice, I am sure they will be over to visit later but their mom will be home all day, she gets three days in a row off, yay.  Today we got to go the Zoo, Poppy has a long appointment today, they usually take about an hour.  Zootown trips are never pleasant with Poppy especially when he is sore,  there is 4 good inches of snow in my yard so Poppy is sore from just the weather not counting any others things that make him sore.  He tends to be extra grumpy on days like this, he can be the nicest of people, most always, but there are days when he is just plain mean and grumpy and those days usually coincide with Zootown trips in bad weather. 

I got the baskets taken to the BBFC VSC for the Thompson Falls site.  She was a very nice person I got to meet her husband as well.  It was snowing and blowing on the trip back from dropping them off.  I found out that they have a Friday night drop, I would love to have had a Friday night drop for me but I am sure it would have caused hardship for some one else.  I think the change from 5:15 to 11:30 was good for some but I have heard that for others it was a hardship.  I suppose that is the case with most things when you try to make a broad scope of people happy at one thing.  I guess in the end it is what it is.  The most important part is that we get great produce and we share the experience.

I have several more things to get done before we go this morning.  I think we have to stop and feed Professors rabbits on the way home as well.  I hope to get back to my painting and tiling.  We are going to stop at Human Resources so Poppy can check out some of the things there.  I am hoping to get some tile to do the bathroom floor.  I don't like the carpet in there and know that laminate is not a good option so I want to do tile.  I think that with my quirky house that a mixed mosaic of tile would work great so we will see what I can find.  I also saw some great cupboards from the 40's or the 50's that I wanted to show Poppy on the chance that he might think they would work in the pantry.  Off we go.  I hope that the Lord holds you in his arms today and every day..... tomorrow.

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