Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Home again, home again jiggity jog.... Can goat and kids be therapy?

Poppie got to his appointment on time and I got to read a magazine.  I was reading the Smithsonian, it had some interesting articles.  One on the primitive peoples of the Amazon and the Colombia river drainage.  I thought it was interesting that one of the most primitive that still exists was originally one that had it's long houses at the mouth of the Amazon but when the Spaniard came they picked up and moved 150 miles up the river and reestablished.  They were found again in the early 1900's and some of them destroyed by civilization.  One tribe was greatly effected and assimilated into the rubber trade but when it collapsed they again disappeared only to be discovered in 1969.  The men who discovered them were never seen again.  Now because of the destruction of one of the tribes when found in modern times another tribe has advocates trying to protect them.  The country has established a park and trying to use the assimilated tribe member to act as a go between.  It was an interesting article and I do it no justice.  I read another article about the Pilgrims it was a fascinating look into the real story, as opposed to the nearly fairy tale rendition, we teach our children.  NO one got beheaded by John Smith in the Pilgrim tales I remembered.  It was an enlightening story.  I never thought of new world colonization as the fulfillment of Revelations either but the author of the article seems to think that the Pilgrims saw the first Americans, or Native Americans, as the devils minions of Revelations.  It made me wonder do all generations think they are living in the end times.  If so it is something to contemplate... hmmm. 

We left the Dr after an hour and went to the Human Resources, it is an organization where people donate unwanted lumber and other things from houses that have been torn down or remodeled, a true upcycling experience.  I had seen a couple of small bathroom cupboards that had been taken out of a 40's or 50 circa house.  They were 60 apiece last week when I saw them, they were 30 apiece yesterday.  Poppie whined about them, he was in a lot of pain and spent a great deal of the day grouchy.  I went up to pay for them and the man sold them to me for 50 which was so cool.  I also got tile, 12x12 pieces,  I got 87 most of them still in full case boxes.  I got them for 75 cents they are normally 3 dollars each at the box stores.  I was so excited to get such good quality flooring for I assumed my bathroom but when all was said and done we decided that I had gotten enough to use it in the pantry.  I got pantry cupboards and floor, can't wait to get it done.  I have to finish up the kitchen and then we will be working on the pantry, yay. 

We feed Professor's rabbits on the way home, picked up the girls from school and arrived home.  Mokie and kids were at our house before we got into the house.  We all went out to the goat pen, feed them and Yogie milked.  Poppie seemed to loosen up a little and was not so grouchy the rest of the day.  It was nice that he was back to himself.  Maybe kids and kids are a magic pill?  I started carrying in the tile, Poppie helped.  I am going to count each color (okay so buying tile at killer prices does mean you have to make some adjustments, no, they are not all the same color)  and  make them into a pattern much like when I plan a quilt.  I think it should turn out great, imagine a giant quilt on my pantry floor, now that will really be me, don't you think?  I hope you have a great day.  I know not if every generation does think it is the last but I do know that every generation does need to be prepared for the recoming of Jesus like they are.  Are you ready for the coming of the Lord?  If not you should be.  He has known of you since the foundation of time isn't it the time to you got to know him? ...... tomorrow.   

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