Sunday, April 21, 2013

How do you see life, what does your perspective say about you.......

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

I heard someone quote this verse this morning.  It was intriguing to me.  It sort of spoke to my thinking.  It definitely made me contemplate. Do you know anyone that isn't one of the above?  I know a lot of people that try to be one or may even think they are one when they are really one of the others, do you?  Poppie is definitely a pessimist, he is always thinking on the half empty side of things.  I think I am an optimist but it just might be that I am a realist, or could it be that I am an optimist pretending to be a realist?  I know that they are all fancy words, and for the most part fancy words are overbearing and not worth the space they are typed on but these word to have deeper means and lead us to such different places in our lives

The pessimist is one of the most frustrating people to be around, they see rain in ever cloud, they see failure and demise in all they peruse.  They sit and think of things that could happen, do you know one?  I kind of think of them when I see Pigpen in the Charlie Brown comic, he always has a cloud of dust following him,  I imagine the pessimist with their little rain clouds following them ready to rain on their parades.  I think for the most part pessimist look for and find optimist to have relationships with, they are pessimist not sadists,  they want and need some one to balance out their seeing of danger around every corner.  Just by their nature optimist want to better everyone's days so they seek someone to cheer up.  Pessimist never know what hit them, so in the end the pessimist probably wasn't looking for an optimist to share their life with they got kidnapped by one.....hmmm.  Really though I do spend a lot of time trying to shield Poppy from his own worries. 

The optimist can be frustrating in their own right, really is their a rainbow under every weed?  Living half full can mean that the cup runs over sooner than the half empty cup, well sort of, half is half after all.  I think that optimist are more fun to be around in general.  NO gloom, no doom but with all that sunshine you can need sunscreen for your own protection on occasion.  You know what I mean, every thing is going to be sunshine and flowers, but the reality is that all things don't turn out happy all the time.  Ut oh, reality rears its ugly head. 

Okay, so I have been found out, I am probably not the optimist I have said I was on occasion.  I do tend to be half full but in the end it is a realistic half full.  I don't see rainbows around every corner, I don't think all will be sunshine and roses all the time.  I do believe in God all can be but God didn't make this life to be all sunshine and roses, he made it as place where we are tried, where we have trials and tribulations.  He made it a place where we can work toward a better us, a place where through pain we bare children, raise our loving little infants and toddlers in to the rebellious teen that thinks we are stupider that dirt.  It is a place where we love our kids, are friend and our families but none, not one, of them are perfect.  None, not one of us is perfect,  well only one every was, Our Lord Jesus, sent to us by God, but for the rest of us, not one.  God does not stop all bad actions, he allows us to use our free well, he allows bad action, he allows good actions,  he allows us to love. 

So maybe in the end we are all a combination of the three, some of us may portray one or the other more often and can be mistermed a pessimist, an optimist or a realist but we are all just human beings with all the free well that God gave us to make the choices for ourselves.  We don't understand all the reason God lets us endure but endure we do.  It is the reality that earth in not heaven.  A place where all will be sunshine and roses all the time, a place of glory, no tears and no sorrows.  Today, on earth, is a place in need of the pessimist, the optimist and the reality check of the realist.  Tomorrow in glory, is salvation, praising God forever, a place where no pessimist or realist need be, a place where the optimist no longer is needed as all is glory..... tomorrow.

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