Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sleeping with the TV on, Letting kids sleep and Spirituality really does give you a healthier longer life.... who knew?

I awoke to the sounds of my TV, as I do every morning, on the week days it changes to the local morning news show at 5:30 so I can start my morning routine.  I watch the news, the weather and then at 6 we have Bible reading, followed by the girls practicing their singing for their ministering at the nursing home or the memorize parables.  They finish us with prayers and then read their 4-H lessons, reference guide, or do homework or read books until 7.   I must take a moment to say how proud of my Littles I am, they sang Blessed Assurance at the nursing home and assisted living home yesterday.  Booboo said that when they said they were going to sing it several ladies were excited because they like that one.  Two of the ladies and one gentleman sang with them, how wonderful.  I think that one of the nicest gifts you can give to the aged has nothing to do with present that money can buy, it has to do with spending time with them, and when a child spends time with them it is especially special for them.  My girls love going and work hard practicing their songs,  they may not always sing on key but the love they take to the aged people is a blessing. 

I say again I awoke to the sound of the TV, funny a short time later the news said that a new study says that people who sleep with the TV on increase their memory.  I am so worried that because I am so like my dad, in my memory patterns, that some day I will continue to be like him and loose it so anything that may help me keep mine or length mine is great.  Who knew?  The news went on to say that science says that kids who sleep in to, say 9, have less fog in their brains and learn better.  They also say that with the late rising they need to go to bed early.  I know how silly to think that a kid, especially a teen would go to bed early, but most do like to sleep in until mom kicks them out of bed. Okay, so I am one for one, well maybe two for one, we do put them to bed by 8, actually we all are in our bed rooms by 8, but no late risers here.  Who knew?  The final bit of information I gleaned from the news this morning was that Spirituality lengthens a person life by up to  2-4 years.  How exciting to know, but it is not the going to the building that does the lengthening.  They did go on to say that the act of going to a Church building is not in and of itself what does it, but the living of spirituality with it.  They said it lowers the blood pressure, takes away stress and gives a person a more calming life.  Okay, to me this is like one of those studies where they spent millions of dollars to prove something that say a mom that spends time with a child already knows.  Do any of you out there who go to Church regularly ever doubt that life benefits you derive from going to Church?  Sometimes it can be hard to go every week but the doing of it does bring you closer to God, it does give you a calming in your life that you can get nowhere else.  It would only make since that it would lower your blood pressure, help you to drink one (or more) less drinks at the bar if you even go to the bar.  Who knew? well the faithful among us did. 

Booboo and I made two batches of strawberry jelly yesterday and then 3 batches of granola.  We had a great time together.  Yogie spent time with her little cousins.  Both acts of spending time with some one because you love them.  The Ladies then went, as I said before, to the nursing home and shared in congregational their spirituality.  I am happy to say they have shared in adding to the length of their lives with other people lengthening their lives in the praising of the Lord.  How wonderful it is to have the secular world acknowledge what the people who worship daily already knew.  I hope you spend your morning adding to your life by worshiping the Lord.... tomorrow.

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