Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Progress continues, swollen feet, conks and Cubbie renews her love....

We are making progress on the pantry,  it seems to be at a slow pace and maybe it is, funny we are not as young as we used to be so can't seem to keep up the old paces.  We did get all of the old carpet out, four of the base cupboards are set in to see what the spacing will be, I think it is going to be great and maybe better than we had originally thought.  I like when your plans unfold in a manner that are better that you hoped.  We have to take out the frig that is dying and get the strawberry beds made. The strawberry starts came and they are wonderful so need to halt pantry progress to make them all tucked in so that they can grow and the Lord has blessed us with cool wet weather in which to do just that.  I think that is part of the reason we have made such seemingly slow strides.  We simply have all sorts of ways we are pulled each day and that gets us off track, as do all of you I am sure.  Mokie and Poppie have more of Bugs stuff to move and I have CAKLs later, I guess life is a never ending quest for which needs you actually spend your time on.  We just try to do the best with the time we have.

We did get out and conk hunt on Saturday, it was really nice to be out of the house.  Poppie and I both are paying for the outing.  I tweeked my hip and it is really giving me havoc and my feet seemed to be swelling up, probably from all the time I am standing on them in a confined space and then hiking in the woods for 5 hours.  Poppie's back screamed at him most of Sunday in revolt to our outing.  It seems we need to get out more so it isn't an all or nothing event.  Oh, by the way we got a whole box of conks so win win. 

Cubbie is slowly getting over her fear of the pony.  I think that her having some fear of the pony is a good thing.  She did get a great big bruise on her groin that serves as a temporary reminder of why you should never go behind the pony.  She still has a fear and we are trying to explain to her that a little fear of the pony is good for her.  She will probably just get over it and go back to being the budding extreme adventurer she normally is in her young life, why should we think she will be any different with the pony I don't know but we are trying to keep her a little afraid.  She is not allowed to be in the pen alone.  She so far is adhering to the rules. She told her Uncle Bug, on the phone, yesterday that the pony kicked her, he asked her if she wanted him to shoot it.  She was aghast and said no, so she still loves her pony through the fear.  It was funny to hear her tell us that Bug said he would shoot the horse because it hurt her.  I think she felt proud that he would defend her, no one else had offered to shoot the horse for her.  She is wanting to name her horse, Twitty or Strawberry Short Cake, and her momma and daddy are having none of it.  Alas the pony has no name as yet. 

BBFC this week, Lady is going to be away so this will be the first one by myself, I think I am up to the task, we have great volunteers, plus Mokie and Poppie will be there to help.  Mokie gets to take time off from work to come help.  I contributed for a basket for her to thank her.  Poppie just gets my thanks, I hope that is enough, oh and he can have some of my basket but that is not usually a big treat for him.  He will eat the veggies and fruits but it is not a love relationship.

I hope the Lord blesses your day with his Glory and Grace.  Maybe your heart be filled with his love and caring... tomorrow.

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