Thursday, May 9, 2013

CAKLs leads to Cubbie joy, no boards but new tile options, artsy, woo hoo, strawberry beds to make...

I did make it too CAKLs on Tuesday, my two ladies were not there to work on their knitting, maybe next time.  I did forget all about the fact that I was to bring needles and yarn to teach a young lady to knit a hat for her little girl.  I am sorry for my oversight.  She was very gracious and we struck up a conversation.  She is new to the area, and come to find out, her brother in law and little niece are the same two people Poppie sees at the school and has struck up a friendship with.  Poppie seems to draw the nicest people to him.  We talked about lots of thing and landed upon horses, they are trying to sell a couple of POA's.  I was excited and told her my daughter was looking for one for our Cubbie.  I took her number and gave it to Mokie when I got home.  Mokie and family went out later and purchased the youngest one.  Cubbie will be getting a pony in the next few days.  Our Miss Star, the goat of riding ability, will be so excited to not have to be a pony.  Cubbie is getting to big for her and has had to stop riding her, but we do catch her sneaking on and then she gets in trouble.  All will be glad to see the new pony arrive, even the Miss Star.

I got my glasses RX fixed and will get them in a couple weeks.  I did get to go over to Human Resources but no boards sadly.  I did get two really nice oak shelves for my pantry.  I also got some cool tile that I will swap out for the orange that I have.  I hadn't put it ups because I had to get a tile cutter, I ordered one yesterday so soon I will get to tile.  I am glad I had to wait because the new tile will be much more artsy and the orange tile will probably be enough to do the bathroom.  Win win.  I ran in to Seester in Zootown, had a nice little chat, meant her gentleman friend, he was very nice.  I got all my errands done and was home by noon.  I did spend the afternoon playing with my tile patterns and have come up with nice one for the back splash.  I will probably play with the pantry tile today, the cutter could be her by tomorrow or at latest next Thursday. 

I am going to be working on a sort of co-op that a friend of mine did last year but won't be able to do this year.  It is for ordering berries.  I am not sure of all the details but will get the info this week so I will see what that entails.  I know last year several of my friend participated and love the fruit they got from the process.  I will keep you updated, you may want to join in. 

I have to work on strawberry beds today.  I have a few strawberries left from ones that I got from Twin a few years ago but the goats have snuck in a couple times and damaged them so we are moving them.  We are going to make a raised bed adjacent to the green house.  I have ordered some Ozarks, an ever bearing berry, to join them in my bed.  I really do have to work on it this morning as they will be here any time.  I do also have to try shredding some of the boxes that we have accumulated from BBFC.  We are planning on mulching them with the goat manure to make a new garden area next to the soon to come cellar.  Shinny is working on getting us both some timbers to make him one, and us, one so that is great.  Busy spring and no rain like the last two years, it is nice to actually have a spring.

I give the glory to God for the day that he has made, may you seek the light of his glory in your life.  My Booboo always says in her prayers,  "with God we are what he wants us to be and without him we are nothing"  well said... With out God we are nothing and eternity is something to be feared... tomorrow.

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