Saturday, May 25, 2013

Off to the flea market..... have a nice day.

We are off to the flea market.  We haven't gotten to explore it for several years. We only get on once a year not a regular thing like some of you have.  The Ladies get to take their money with them in case they find something they can't live without.  I am hoping to see something fun.  Poppie is just hoping he can walk through it all with out wearing out and getting to sore.  We will stop by grandpa's green house after to pick up plants.  Then home again probably a little after noon or early in the afternoon.

We want to finish the planting and just spend the day peacefully.  Mokie is starting a new shift so starting Monday she will work 7 in a row so I will be busy with the littles all week.  I am trying to rest up for when school ends.  I don't have issues with the girls but some days Boy is just a plain hand full and he and Yogie sometimes just flat out don't play well together.  They are a lot like Mokie and Nephew used to be the best of friend or adversaries in an all out war.  Poppie thinks he might be able to do that last little bit of painting I couldn't reach in the living room so just an easy no place to be day.

I hope the Lord blesses your day and your life... tomorrow.  (short and sweet, we all have some place to be, don't you know, have fun getting there.)

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