Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CAKLs fun, Last of Pre-school, Drama has a procedure, and stuff.....

Tuesdays, as you know can be a busy day at our house, we sort of just run out of time to do all the things that we could do more so than any other day of the week.  We started with Poppie and Mokie going down to move more stuff from Bugs to storage, they are finally making lots of progress and should be done soon.  Cubbie had her last day of pre-school for this year.  She was excited to show Pre-school her puppies, she had had to wait until their eyes were open to bring them over to show her teacher.  Yesterday was the day they got to come.  They are all very cute, one is a little blonde, on a little red with a mask and one is a black and tan.  Pre-school thought they were to cute and Cubbie was happy to share them with her.  They had a busy day, we got to go over Cubbie's progress over the last year.  They made a dessert of worms in dirt, Cubbie got to roll and smash cookies into dirt.  She had a grand time, Cubbie does most of the time but sometimes, like Yogie, she is not a morning person and can be a grump.  No grumps for the last day, just a nice in tuned Cubbie.  We said our goodbyes until next school year.  Oh, we might see Pre-school in the summer but it will be for fun and not for teaching.

I got to go to CAKLs, one of my ladies was not there to learn to bind off her scarf but the other was there.  She had struggled with her scarf and is going to get the bigger yarn so it will be easier for her to do for the beginning one.  I, in the mean time, decided to show her how to knit with regular yarn.  She had brought a knitting learning book and said that it didn't look anything like what I was showing her how to do.  I was excited to see the book it was one I had used as a child.  I told her it was like what she was learning but because the scarf yarn is so different it looked different.  I showed her how they were the same, she was so excited when she could see that they were the same.  She spent the rest of the time learning to knit and really getting the process, I hope she stays with it the rest of the week until we meet at CAKLs again. I also told her one of the reasons I liked the book she brought was that it had a monkey knitting on the front, as a child it always gave me moral support to see it.  I figured if a monkey could do it I could.  She laughed and sort of used that as her mantra, "if a monkey can do it I can".   She really is doing well at her knitting more so than she actually knows.  I also taught a young lady that has come the last couple of weeks to knit, she is a natural and took to it like a duck to water.  Pre-school has said she will join us sometime after her last days of pre-school are done for the summer.  It will be nice to have her.

Drama has a heart procedure today.  I pray the Lord is with her and gives her an out come that is successful.  She has been struggling with so many things since her heart attack and it is time that she just can have a less stressful time of it.  Recently there has been some extended family struggles but it is something she needs to just walk away from and not let the stress overwhelm her.  I have stayed out of the struggles and have no intention of getting involved in it as I can't change what is going on and don't need the stress and problems in my life.  I will not be made to participate in it and am glad I am in a place in my life where I can say, "this is not my problem and I will not be dragged in".... It took a lot of prayer and growing to come to that in my life.  I am praying for God's wisdom daily and he is blessing me with some, amen. 

I am hoping to get to tile in my pantry soon,  the closer it gets to done the more I want it done.  Pre-school asked me yesterday if it was hard for me to live in chaos.  I told her not really my whole life has been one of chaos so it is really just another day of my life, isn't that sad that chaos is my norm?  Maybe some day I will really become an adult and live in the calm and peace of organization, not, I am sure that is just not me. 

I pray the Lord blesses your day with serenity and peace.  I hope he gives you his blessing and you feel the love he has for you and respond to his calling.  May this day be the day of your salvation or the first step down it's path.  The Lord be with you this day... tomorrow.

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