Saturday, May 4, 2013

Distribution day, no kids, the arch is half cut...... Plan B really?

Today is distribution day for BBFC we have great baskets today, and it looks like the trucks will be on time.  Yay.  I love the surprise of getting to see the goodies, produce, in the baskets.  I love the camaraderie of the volunteers working together to get the baskets ready to distribute.  I am so glad we have Bountiful Baskets, and I am so glad I get to be a part of the process.

No kids, Yogie is with Grandpa and Grandma for the night and then they are off to the first farmer's market of the season in Zootown.  Booboo is with a friend out at Lozeau.  She was so excited it was one of her first, if not her first, time getting to go spend the night with a friend that was not family.  Poppie and I had a nice evening, Boy had to come over and show us his new sweat shirt that Son bought him,  it is a Superior Bobcat's shirt, he was so proud.  I had stopped in to buy the girls each one but I have to wait until Monday because the lady that sells them was not there. We had a nice peaceful evening, to tired to do anything that might be called a date night but maybe we are at the time or age that having a nice peaceful evening together is date night!

Poppie cut one side of the wall of my archway into the pantry yesterday.  I thought originally it was to tall but once it was cut it was perfect, especially considering Poppie is 6'6".  We have to cut the opposite side today and voila we will have access to the pantry.  I think it is really going to add to the kitchen, it will expand the size immensely if not in real size, in feel, and it will allow for a table area that I no long have due to the island.  Can't wait to see the progression as it unveils.

I was sadden but the news today.   Today we had to listen to BO saying nonsense about how there was scientific support for allowing 15 year olds to have a plan B pill with out parents consent. Mr. President do you want your precious daughter to have Plan B with out your permission, oh, I forgot she has the secret service to keep all the boys away, but really if it was his daughter doing something behind his back when she was scared and afraid, wouldn't he want her to have guidance other than the local druggist?  I live in a state where it is not legal for a 15 year old to have permission to have sex so how can it legal for a drug store to sell a pill for abortion to my child?  I know I don't want to hear the rhetoric, if you are buying a plan B pill you are trying to do away with a pregnancy.  Isn't it sad the we live in a country where you can buy a Plan B pill, to kill life in you body, with no safety net.  What happens when the girl hemorrhages and mom doesn't know why?  But in this country you are to young to drink at 18 but not to young to die for your country;  You are old enough to have a Plan B pills at 15 because you are an adult with your body but you are still a child until 26 and can stay on you mommy and daddy's insurance plan, get real?  We live in a country where the president is a coward and won't say that any thing is an act of terrorism, because he thinks, in his totally deluded mind, that terrorism is on the run, really?  Fort Hood was work place violence, no help was needed in Benghazi,  sticking your head in the sand doesn't change any thing, a small child soon learns that just because momma puts her hands in front of her face she really didn't disappear.  Mr. President take you hands from in front of your face, wake up and do your job.  Terrorism is alive and well, children should not be able to self prescribe dangerous "legal" drugs to themselves, they should have the help of a parent in the situation that would require a Plan B pill and if not a parent, a teacher or a councilor not the local druggist.  I hate that we Christians are considered homophobic bigots if we are against Gay marriage but the whole religion of Islam believes in stoning a person for just the act of homosexuality.  I know it is not PC to say anything bad about the Islamic people.  Jihad is real but it is bad bad and not PC to mention it.  Well I am bad, I want the liberties in this nation that my forefathers fought and died for.  I want the rights the forefathers of this nation gave us.  Maybe the first generation BO doesn't have any loyalty to our country because his forefathers were not part of this country and weren't shedding there blood to give us a better life. I don't know what makes him such a milquetoast but our country sure looses out everyday he is our Commander and Chief.  Climbing down now.....

I hope the Lord blesses your day, I hope your daughter never needs a Plan B pill but if she does I hope God sends her to you and not to the local druggist.  I pray for you to take the first step toward the grace of God today.... tomorrow.

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