Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend, what we do and what we should do.......

We had a great walk through at the flea market on Saturday.  I did manage to find a new to me blender, a Cuisinart and a plastic top to replace the glass one I broke for my blender.  I saw a pressure canner that would have been a steal at 25 dollars for a 20 quart one but for the fact that it was a gasket one.  I am still to afraid of them to actually use one.  Mokie tried to talk me into getting it be alas I couldn't bring myself to.  Poppie said I had enough for now anyway.  I did see some wonderful old mixer bowls and old Pyrex  bowls but even at 3 dollars I couldn't justify the money right now.  We went to Subway after and then to Grandpa's for bedding plants.  I got 24 tomatoes, 24 peppers (mostly hot), 24 cabbage and 250 onion set, cobra and Walla Walla.  I tried to keep them separate but missed up. Son says the Walla Walla's will get bigger so I will be able to tell when they are grown, I did keep part of them separate and sort of in two different rows.  We spent the most part of Saturday getting the garden all planted, we still have to put in the lettuce, and the cucumbers but the corn, green beans (we may get more seed but our town is out so will have to get them in Zootown), spinach, collards, beets, radishes, pumpkins, watermelon, yellow squash, zucchini, and Brussels sprouts.  Poppie still has to plant his giant pumpkin plant.  The girls planted their spinach plants that they had planted with Grandpa earlier in the spring.  Booboo was a little grumpy when we started but by the end of the planting she was as much into it as our Yogie is.  They actually were teaming up together very well. 

We had a nice day at Church.  The Preacher is ex-military so always includes a lot of military in his services.  He honored the vets of our congregation, as he does each year.  We had three this year.  His services were both about heroes.  We have many in our lives, our Lord, our parents, and different ones in our communities and lives.  We have the one that gave his life for all, our Lord, and we have the ones the give their lives for the many, our military men and woman.  He encouraged all to go to a cemetery today and honor the fallen who gave their lives for us.  Our heroes of our nation.

I have said before that I was not raised to put much time or thought into the graves of my loved ones.  Poppies mom has always been a little upset at me that I am not more reverent to graves.  She is big on decorating grave stones.  I have never done it.  I have never been to my grand mother Thema's grave other than when the stone was put there.  I was not at her funeral.  I have been to my Grandma Gladys at the funeral and once, later with my Grandfather Jim, but not for nearly thirty five years, it has never even crossed my mind.  The preacher did suggest that we go to a cemetery today he didn't expound upon why just that we should.  I got to thinking about it and what the graves might mean to me as an American this day.  I saw kids from a local church in the Bitterroot that went to Fort Missoula and scrubbed the graves of the military men/woman laid there.  I think that I will take the Ladies later to our local cemetery and go to honor the fallen heroes.  I am not going to go to my grandmothers or grandfathers graves, because I still don't think, no I know, that they aren't there.  I am going to go to see the markers of the military because that is an important way to honor their sacrifice, their gravestones tell the tale of the life's they gave for the all of this country.  Their stones stand as a lasting tribute to their lives.  I can honor them as a memorial that has nothing to do with where they are now.  I honor my grandmothers and grandfathers in my heart knowing that they are in Heaven with the Lord, they need no memorial.  The fallen and those who have served this country deserve the honor and respect that we can give them, they deserve our tribute, service and memorial. 

I find it ironic, I will not say funny as the word is not appropriate in connection with our dead heroes, that today in touted at the first day of summer, almost a national barbeque day but seldom do the many actually know what it is about.  My mother in law uses it as a day to honor her passed on relatives in general but that is no more right than the excuse to just have bbq on this day, really.  Today is not the day to honor the veteran's generically, not really, we should honor their sacrifice daily and especially on veteran's day but today is really about honoring the ones that gave it all for our freedoms.  They laid down their lives that we might live in a better world, that we might have the rights that we do, even the right to march in objection to them.  Think of the love that takes.  It takes a man or a woman who knowingly fights for the good of all of his fellow Americans or country men and is willing to die to preserve our way of life.  Today we honor the men and woman who knowingly gave their lives for us and our way of life.  Only one other person ever gave more and he did it for all of man kind, for any all.  They gave their lives for our betterment, our security, our rights, our constitution, and our way of life.  Christ gave it all for our souls, our salvation and our eternal life.  Today is a day of memorial to honor the fallen heroes, the heroes who have passed on to their salvation.   If you can go out and honor a fallen hero at you local cemetery today.  If you can today honor our Lord and accept his gift...... tomorrow.    

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