Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick trip to the Zoo, Eye doctor and Human Resources.......

I have to run into the Zoo this morning, I have an eye doctor appointment to have my new glasses fixed, the RX is wrong for sure so have to have it redone.  I was surprised that it took almost two months to notice it.  They worked great at first but them I noticed I couldn't see my kids faces at the play or concert, I thought it was due to not actually having had to use the glasses at a distance that made me not notice they were wrong.  I used my old glasses to take the new ones in last week and just didn't change back for a couple of days once I changed back I couldn't read with them almost at all so they may really be worse than I originally thought.  I am glad they are fixing them and doing the RX for free as they are still on warrantee. 

I am going to run over to Human Resources after the eye doctor and pick up some boards for my hutch tops, I can't wait to get the pantry done and they will get us well on the way of finishing it up.  I may look for a couple of closet door as well for a cupboard for all my wools an sewing supplies that will still be in the pantry.  I have to stop quick at Costco for a few things then back home.  I have the kids this afternoon.  Poppie has a few things to finish up this morning here and then out to feed rabbits this afternoon once I get home. 

I did make the orange jelly this week but since I didn't go with the long cook recipe and went with the shorter cook one I may have actually ended up with syrup but Poppie thought syrup would be better than the jelly so it is a blessing in the end.  I made some Huckleberry rhubarb jam and it turned out to be the best jam I made all week, so win win. 

Short and sweet today.  May you be blessed with the Word of God today, may your soul send you to seek out his Word, and his word call you to accept his Grace.  Today could be the day of your salvation and isn't that a wondrous way to begin the rest of your life?....... tomorrow.

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