Wednesday, June 12, 2013

4-H records, Piglets get their tags, more records and today we have the 6 grands.

The girls and I spent the morning yesterday getting their 4-H records in order to turn in.  We worked on them several hours when we discovered we didn't have all the paperwork, so I had to pick up a set of record papers at the extension office when I went to CAKLs.  I was there getting the paperwork when I saw the Extension Agent who has to put tags in the piglets ears, I got to make an appoint for him to come out to the house.  He came just after we got home from CAKLs, he got their ears all tag. Poppie had to hold them and they were almost to big for him to hold.  He Agent said he felt the piglets were on track to make weight by the fair.  They are the littlest two of the piglets to start to make it at the fair this year, or maybe they are just the youngest.  They are growing fast on their goats milk, oh, and the grain and slops they get daily.  They have to be a minim of 210 to make weight.  There are some piglets in the group of 41 that were older and will be well over the maxim of 280 at the fair.  The Ladies were happy to know theirs were do well. We have now spent the last two hours finishing up their paperwork so they can get it turned in tot he extension office this morning.  I am thinking the work to fair is just beginning.

Our BBFC site time has now been changed to 10:15 pickup time I am thinking this is another blessing.  It makes for an earlier time to get there 9:15 for volunteer time,  but it also makes for an earlier time to get done and on to our Saturday.  Yay.  The Ladies have their first Farmers Market on Saturday morning as well.  I will have to drop them off and then go across the street to do the Bountiful Baskets, and when all done and cleaned up I will have to go over and pick them up.  I will only be doing the Farmers Market every other Saturday.  The Ladies have a little more money to earn for the relay for life so they are going to set up a separate table to sell some jelly for the relay for Life money they still need to make.

Today the grands, or at least 6 of them will be here for several hours.  I think three will be here from 11ish on and the others come at noon.  It is pouring rain so they will be in the house I am thinking.  I am not so sure I am looking forward to hours of six kids running around my house.  Poppie will have to help entertain them.  I am hoping the weather breaks some so they can play outside some of the time.  I am excited to see the three I haven't seen for several months.

I still have to paint the cupboards in the bathrooms and the bathroom painting will be done.  I had to think long and hard about painting the bathroom cupboards.  They are oak, well at least the doors are all oak the cupboards themselves are oak plywood, but I do love the wood look, but in the end I think they will be more maintainable with the industrial quality paint I have.  Oh, well, easier is easier. 

I hope the Grace of God is in your life, if not I hope you seek God's Grace.  He so loves us all and wants us to be his for eternity, he only asks that you believe to receive his gift of everlasting Grace, is today your day of belief.  Is today the day you give yourself to the Lord, I pray so... tomorrow.

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