Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chruch fellowship was great, Loving my new book.... konking or tiling I know not which yet.

Church was very nice, I just love that it is a small Church where all the people get to have conversations that are real.  I got to talk to all the ladies, each for a few minutes.  One needs a couple of hems adjusted, one is looking for a labradoddle or a goldendoddle, one is recovering from a surgical procedure, one had a bad hair day and wore a hat, one noticed my new hand me down outfit and one just share all of our joy.  I really do have great sisters in Christ.  The Preacher spoke about remembering that what we put in our minds and souls is what makes  us who we are.  Remember to filter what you put into your memories because they will always be there, we have to ability to unsee, unhear or unfeel that things we see, hear and feel.  I think in this day and age that is getting ever more important with all the bad things that TV, radio and people can bring into our lives and the lives of are all important children.  What you don't see, don't hear and do experience you can not be influenced by it's evil in your life. 

I got 4 new books by M R Dehaan, funny how when I find them it makes it like awaiting a writer to write a new volume,  his books are nearly a hundred years old, some of them, and they are just as important and relevant today as the day they were written.  God's message has not changed in 2000 years, so the message is as new today as it was a hundred years ago,  praise be that I get to read them. I have found 14 of his 25 books.   I watched Dr Charles Stanley this morning and he had an important message as well, I am blessed to have the TV on one hand and am aware of the evil it can bring into my home.  I guess the easiest way would be to do away with it, but I don't think I can truly prepare my children for a life in this current world with out Training them up in how to use the good it can be and how to turn from the evil it can represent.  I know that is not other peoples choice but it is the one I have made and know it is a fine line to walk. 

I got some of the tiling done yesterday and put in the new to us cupboard from Lady, I put it in and decided to move it over a little so know we have to build a small connecting cupboard to finish it up being just right.  I may get to tile the rest this afternoon or maybe Poppie will take us all konking.  I will just have to wait to see what he decides, either way we will spend the afternoon together and have  a special day.

I know that I am Loved by the Lord Jesus, he gives me assurances of his love in my life daily.  He gave me the special gift of his sacrifice on the cross for my sins.  He also gave me the Holy Spirit to be with me daily.  I can pray to him and know that I am loved beyond reason by a God so amazing that I truly have no comprehension of him at all.  I just know that God so loved me that...... tomorrow.

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