Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why is it that some of the youth of this age live more and more in a complete state of dulision?

Daily I see so many of the young adults that are becoming wonderful functioning contributing members of our society.  They come from families that are encompass broad range, from dysfunctional to loving and supportive, but in spite of all of the ups and downs of their up bringing they succeed and become adults looking forward to a fulfilling life. They are the product of kids growing into adults with all the pitfalls and family squabbles that brings. I think this has happened backward in time to the beginning of time.  It is what young adults are supposed to do, they rise above and become the future of our nation, our world and our society.  But what of the ones that are falling through the cracks of society?  What of the ones who live their lives blaming all of their problems on someone else.  More and more we see the children of the baby boom generation, you know, the one who are the product of the world of helicopter mommas, a society that thinks all should get a ribbon just for showing up or are never taught the defeat is a part of reality.  The ones that bring their momma's to the job interviews so she can fix it all up nice for them so they can get a job.  These kids are failing in huge numbers.  These kids live in such a delusion that it is more and more hard to not say "what?"

I was never guilty of giving my children hollow praise, just to praise them. I loved them enough to teach them that failure is a big part of growing, rarely do children succeed at anything right out of the box. I gave them praise for their successes and the over coming for their failures and taught them failing lead to succeeding. Potty training is a success that a child earns for themselves, you did not earn it for them, they worked hard to know to go.  Yes, you worked hard to teach them but it was their success, they had to remember to run there and go.  Your child struggles to tie his shoes, but his joy is wondrous when he does it, but his success is his, not yours.   On, it goes, you can only teach you can not accomplish their success.  You can only teach you can not lighten or endure their failures, they have to learn what failure is and how to make it work for them.  Taking away their failures makes them never know how to learn from them. 

I, like most of my generation made mistakes daily, some bigger than others.  I did give my daughter a second chance at being a mom and young adult, I wouldn't in ways change what I did because I did get the greatest gift from God, my daughters, my two littles, but did I not let my older daughter learn from her mistakes, not that the girls were the mistake, but the mistakes that caused the failures that brought the girls to live with me and Poppie.  She went on to make more mistakes, and more children have had to pay for her mistakes.  I will never know that right answer to a past problem, but I do know that in the end lives were effected in unchangeable ways because my daughter got a pass, for a situation I had tried to fix it for her.  I should have let her fix it for herself. I will never know what would have come from my having allowed her, her failure..... well maybe I do as she replicated the situation and was allowed the failure in the end.

Yesterday, I stumbled on a conversation where a daughter, a young adult, that had parents like me they helped their granddaughter in spite of their daughter's failure to be a mother to her child.  They are now to their granddaughter, momma an daddy, as Poppie and I are to our lovely daughters.  Their daughter has not learned anything from their help, and let me tell you stepping in and becoming new parents at an age when all of your own children are adults is not an easy decision to make. I have been there.  It takes soul searching, a total change of your life, and love.  I would do it all over in a heartbeat but pray I never have to.  I digress.  Anyway my friends did the same as I for the good of the child.  Now their daughter has gone on and had another baby, secretly without telling them anything until her child was 5 months old and she is pregnant again, seems like I have heard this tale before,  what will the future for those children bring, I pray that it brings good.  But anyway, she is now lambasting her parents for all sorts of vile things.  The least of which is that they didn't send her baby a gift? in a very public forum.  What is she thinking?  I am thinking she is not, and blaming her past mistake on the wrong people.  When does the adult stand up and say, I am the owner of my mistakes?  Why is it that her parents, who didn't nothing more than literally save their granddaughters life, become the bad guys?  I pray that this young adult gets her head on right and finally actually take care of a child in her trust, especially now that their are to be two.  Those children's lives will depend on it. 

I don't think these cases are that isolated.  I think more and more young adults expect a pass in growing up.  They are being raised in a world that says they are the most important person in their lives and all should cater to their wants, whims, and it is some ones else's fault they failed and that they don't have to ever own it. More and more children in this society and age are being raised by grandparents daily.  Climbing down and off my soapbox now. 

I pray that the Lord brings some sense, finally in to this young adults life, I pray for the safety of her children.  I know that there is hope, my daughter finally got her life all together and is now a wonderful mother to two lovely little ones.  God does answer prays and change lives, I pray he give this young woman some sense before her children pay for her mistakes.  Funny how she is more worried about raking her folks of the coals for "their" mistakes when her mistakes are what is really the problem, but alas that is more and more today's norm..... tomorrow.

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