Thursday, June 6, 2013

The tiling adventures continue...... Kitchen actually done but then it is still full of "pantry" stuff that has no home yet.

I dry laid all the tile in my pantry yesterday.  I did come up with a pattern to use all the different colors I had.  I think it is a nice pattern and so stacked it in rows so I can start thin setting it today.  I finished the evening off by getting to grout my kitchen tile.  I let it set a little while and washed it all down.  I really looks nice, all my mistakes are graciously covered by the grout, and it really looks better than  I thought it would with the mistakes I made but alas it looks great.  Today I try thin set for the first time.  I have set tile with adhesive but never the thin set.  I have watched numerous DIY shows so hope to get it even remotely right.

 I will have Yogie with me, and of course the three littles.  I did not even get one day with my girls before they wanted to fly the coup.  Booboo when out to Foster's daughters house.  I think I will call her, Energy, because she definitely has a lot of it.  Booboo gets to stay last night and tonight before her dad will pick her up tomorrow after he is finished feeding rabbits.  Yogie got to stay the night with Mokie and family so Poppie and I had a night alone.  Again we had no idea what to do with ourselves, we watched TV and then went to bed, oh, I forgot, he did "make" dinner.  He bought take out so that was fun.

Poppie and the kids cleaned out the pool yesterday and refilled it.  It needed cleaning, it had been warm enough for it and then the rain came and it got algae filled so it really had to be cleaned so they could start anew.  Poppie wasn't at all happy about the dirt in it and put the law down that they will not be getting in and out of it bring dirt in and out.  Boy is the worst about it so he did get a lecture from Poppie. 

Here come the littles so it is time to go I never want to get behind their shenanigans.  I am not a glutton for punishment, getting behind the littles is a lot like getting behind the pain while taking pain meds, you just never catch up and the pain overwhelms you.

I pray for your salvation, already receive or to come.  The Lord is so good and loves us before we even know him..... tomorrow.

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