Friday, June 14, 2013

Blogging why do so many do it? Why I do it and is it a passing vade?

I have recently joined several groups.  One is an upcycling group, that I love, I actually got a lot of my Tattler jar lids through them.  The BBFC group is a group I joined but I am not sure you can join it.  I love being the VSC for the local distribution of the produce.  I just can't wait each week to get to see what will be in my basket and the add ons are truly something I could not get locally so that is always a blessing.  Helps me keep my lazy jars filled and use the Tattlers that I now have so many of.  A few days ago I purchased seals from 4ever Recap to see for myself if the seals fit the Tattlers.  They came yesterday and I can't wait to use them.  They are the same color as the seals on the Tattlers and feel about the same, they fit my Tattlers a little snug but I don't think in the long run that is a negative. The Tattler seals are rubber and the 4ever Recap seals are silicone, I am told they should out last the rubber.  I get to use them Saturday after BBFC, to can the corn I purchased so my groups are sort of a cycle of life in our house at this point.

 I most recently joined a group of Homesteadbloggers.  I applied and they nicely invited me in to their group.  I still can't figure out how to put their button, or any other button not listed in the blogger format, on my blog and have not had much luck getting anyone to help me in a way I can understand.  Sometime I am truly internet illiterate.  The group moderator tried to email me instructions, but try as I might, I still don't really get it.  I love my group of CAKLs ladies and it makes my busy Tuesday bright and shiny.  Yes, a person's life can be bright and shiny just like a new penny.  I want to join the Thursday reading group as well, they said they would even put up with my never reading novels that aren't classic's or children's books, and I can even talk about my M R Dehaan's so that will be great if I ever get to go.  Yesterday I was to get to go but I found myself in the middle of adhesive tiling when it was time to go, on the bright side the tile is all in in the pantry and awaiting grout, yay me.  Sad that I missed the reading group though.  I can only do what I can do and sometimes I just forget to do......

I caught an interesting conversation on my Homesteadbloggers group yesterday on Facebook, okay Facebook is another of my groups as is the Summer fruit drop that I am collecting orders for, which will be getting done soon so I hope I get some more orders or at least enough to order.  I digress.  Anyway I was listening in on a conversation on Homesteadbloggers.  It was about recipes on Facebook,  the first person was upset about the recipes that float about on Facebook.  She was mad that people took recipes from blogs and put them on Facebook.  She said that the people on blogs had worked hard to make up the recipes and that they were working hard at branding their blogs to make money and that taking a recipe and publishing it on Facebook was stealing.  I never thought of it that way.  Okay my Homesteadbloggers group are hard core bloggers, I am not exactly sure how to be a hardcore blogger.  I don't actually know if I would like to make money blogging.  I have done the add's but in the end I took them off they weren't really what I was blogging for and they were so random that I am not sure some of the things that popped up were with in my ethical realm.  I know I can rejoin and solicit different companies to do adds on my blog but then that will take me away from my purpose.  I have discovered that unlike most bloggers, I don't blog to make money.  I would maybe like to write an ebook but I don't think the daily press to make money blogging is me or why I blog.  I do like to see why others blog that do do it for the money, they have lots of lovely stories, tricks about most anything and lots of recipes to share, that I will never put on Facebook but I am not sure the drive to make money doesn't take away from the simple pure reason they began to blog in the first place.  Does it change the blogger into a seller and if so what are they selling?  Themselves?  Their families or just their thoughts?  I know there are good ways and bad ways to do it and make money blogging as for me, at this time, I am not blogging to make money.  Yes, all my recipes are free and if you find any of any value to you, yes, you can share them on Facebook.  I do all the time. 

I want to reiterate that the reason I blog is not for money, not for fame and not for even you.  You are actually the incidental in my blogging, not that I don't like you or appreciate you because I do, I just had never really thought of you when I first began to blog.  I blog because it is a bit of a release to my sometime hectic life.  I blog to you the anonymous for the most part, there is some form of freedom in talking to the unknown person.  I blog for my kids and grandkids for the most part, though my kids don't currently read my blogs, I think they will someday, maybe when I am gone and they find it to be a way to try and understand or remember me.  I am probably going to have my blogs bound into books for them, as written some time.  I may even have some of the pages put into a couple of different type of edited books for some of my friends too, or maybe do and ebook but that was not really the purpose of my blogging it just might be incidental as well.  I blog because I want to share the Lord Jesus and God with other people that may have never considered looking in a Bible.  The ones who may just scoff at someone's life being changed or saved by this God they hear about.  I blog to show them God's working in my life.  I am not all that big on a lots of scripture put into every blog, but I do like to put scripture in if it helps me in what I have to say in a blog.  I just want some one any one to hear my blogging and say, I want to know more about this Jesus, this God she speaks of.  If anyone, even just one person picks up a Bible and sees his or her way to salvation in the Lord my blog will have had true meaning, true rewarding purpose.  I pray that even one is saved from my meandering and talking wouldn't that be worth more than any silver or gold? That is why I blog... Glory to God that would be ....... tomorrow.

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