Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rocking me in your arms.......

I remember my Grandpa Jim saying one time that my Grandma Gladys and my mother both got a double helping of mothering, they never saw a baby that they didn't want to love on.  I grew up with some many babies that as a young teen I was sure I didn't want anything to do with them.  Little did I know that I was being trained up,

Proverbs 22:6

King James Version (KJV)
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I was in high school and had helped raise children all of my life.  I learned from my Grandmother that I should be able to get a kid to do what I wanted with out ever hit them or doing more than learning how to use my voice to get them to do what I wanted.  I am pretty good at that, I must say.  When my older kids were little they were the only kids in the county that didn't jump when I spoke in my mothers voice, they were used to me and like kids anywhere had to decide how serious I was before they decided whether they needed to mind or not.  They weren't all the way trained up or maybe I had empowered them just a little to be the adults they would become. 

I know that there is rarely a baby that won't come into my arms snuggle down into my pillows, my husband called my chest area, kids pillows, because all of them seem to snuggled down in and find comfort.  He said skinny, non pillowed woman  (or men) just didn't have the snuggly pillows for a baby to cuddle in, okay, I digress.  Anyway babies love me, I think maybe it is a comfort that comes from the surety I hold them with and not actually the pillows.  I find that I have a mothers rock, you know it when you see it and not all mothers have it.  I know all of my kids, my grands and the various degrees of nieces and nephews I have all love it.  Others people kids and all my pseudo grands have come to me for it.  I know I have rarely meant a baby or toddler that didn't like me. 

We, as you know, have been going to another Church for the last year plus.  I was hesitant to go outside of what I was trained up in but in the end the call of the Lord for us to assembly was stronger than my fleshly learning.  We decided upon at Church we felt that we could assimilate into, that would accept us with our beliefs, a Church with similar if not the same beliefs.  We have done well and have become in our eyes, and I think God's, if not the actually members of the Church, that is one of the difference in our believes, members.  Months ago Poppie kept moving away from me at Church, he said I rocked into him.  I thought he was being strange I certainly didn't rock at Church, we are not a rocking sort of Church.  I think his remark started a little question in my mind and of late I have noticed that I do rock in Church.  It is not about standing because I don't rock when we stand to pray or the other things we need to stand for but I have found that I do rock during the singing.  It is not actually to the music.  It is the back and forth soothing rock I rock a baby to.  It has nothing to do with the sounds of the people singing or the piano playing.  I have thought and contemplated on this for awhile and I have an answer, I think from the Lord.  I think that I rock, and I never did this before at any other time in my life of worship, because I know I am in the Lords arms and he is telling me I am safe in my new decision.  He has given me the comfort of knowing that I am in his arms.  That like the baby that lays in the rocking arms of a mother I am safe in his arms.   The Lord has more than a double helping of fathering.  He loves us in a special personal way that sings to the heart of the child he is rocking in his arms.  I love that the Lord has time to rock me in his arms and I know that I am safe there.  Please won't you join me in his loving embrace.... tomorrow.

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