Monday, June 24, 2013

All worked out, alone this morning, busy tomorrow, some painting and tiling to do.

We made pies last night and I will drop them off at the bake sale this morning.  Belle is taking the Ladies with her, and her two, to Vacation Bible School in Zootown for the next four days.  They should be home in the afternoon each day.  They should be able to get their chores done in the afternoon so they will not get behind.  Or I should say they should be able to catch up on some they are behind on.  Booboo will have her first piano lesson on Friday morning and they will go to the relay on Friday night.... long week, baking on Friday too.

Poppie has to go to Zootown this morning and get hay for the Professor, he is out and has left it to the last minute and needs it today but is busy and can't go himself.  Poppie should be home around noon and I may be able to help with the last of the shelving in the pantry but if not I have the finish painting in both bathrooms to do and then the tiling.  We will soon be able to get our bathrooms back together.  This will be the first year in a number of years we won't be able to have our annual 4th of July party, I will miss it but we had decided to have a just because party as soon as I have my house all back together.  It just seemed to be that we were not going to have it done enough to have 50ish people in the house with all our current chaos and the chaos of so many people, so we will have to not do it this year.  Maybe we can go camping on the weekend after the 4th???

Tomorrow is a busy day for Lady and I, we have plans to do something we don't normally get to do and some of the things we do but she will be off.  The Library building had a collapse this week and the whole building is going to be fixed and inspected before anyone can go in so that leaves the employees working from home or off for the time being.  I think it is a blessing, but I think it surely must be a hardship for those that won't be working.  Mixed blessings I think, well maybe not maybe they are off with pay?  I don't know.

I am just starting my "newest" Dehaan, Adventures in Faith.  It is as wonderful, as are all the others.  I have always known that Grace is the only way to salvation but I never thought of Grace being all from God.  I know that sounds ironic but faith is all about Grace.  God gives you all of Grace including the faith to obtain the Grace.  Something new to wrap my mind around, maybe I always understood it but maybe on a different level.  I still think one of the deepest verses on faith is the first 5 words in the Bible, in Genesis 1:1.  'In the beginning God created...... ' God spoke the Word and created all of the heavens and earth, if you believe that you have all the faith that you need.  Faith is about believing with out having to be proven anything, you just know it is the truth and you believe it.  The Bible does not tell us all that much about creation really and the reason is is because God is more about what is to come than what is already old history.  He had created and that was the past he wants us to see to our futures not try and prove he did what when and why...... tomorrow.

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