Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation, Birthday wishes and Zootown..... a whirl wind to be sure.

We had a nice day yesterday, nice Church family communing.  I like that you can get a renewing of love and faith to start your week off right.  We had a full house, almost as full as we get with out new people, all but two of our regulars were there.  It was nice to see every one and share the love of God, and share in worshipping him.  The Lord be praised.

We had a graduation to go to afterword.  Poppie had overdone it so badly on Saturday that we didn't get to go to the graduation but we got to go to the party for her afterwards.  I think that she was glad to have us there to enjoy her accomplishment.  It was a nice family event, not all of the extended family was there but a good portion.  It was nice that all the ones there wanted to be there, no squabbles, just the joy of getting to be there together. Our graduate finished her evening locked down with the rest of the seniors in the gym for one last night of being together.  The lock down is a traditions that goes back many a year designed to keep the kids safe.  Sadly most of them don't understand that in many ways this will be there last time together ever.  Congrats to one and all of the graduating seniors.

I am off to have belated birthday breakfast with Lady this morning.  Her birthday was last week but today was the easiest day to get together to share it;  after, we have breakfast and chatting until she has to go to work, I am off to Zootown with Mokie and the little girls.  Poppie has a line to fix on a pickup, if the rain lets up.  We in Montana really need the rain but I am so greedy that I wish it could be like in Camelot and only rain after sun down.  Okay back to reality, it is going to rain most of the day but 80 degree weather is forecast for the end off the week, yay. 

I hope the Lord blesses your day, he already has mine.  I hope he calls you in a way that your heart responds to his invitation of salvation.  Today is the day of salvation, maybe for you, open a Bible to read how is the first step to acceptance of his gift.... tomorrow.

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