Monday, June 10, 2013

Painting the bathrooms, and maybe tiling later.... Poppie, Mokie and Daughter have more stuff to move.

Booboo and I are going to paint the two bathrooms this morning.  I got the paint when I got the kitchen paint so that is all done. Yogie doesn't want to help so Booboo and I are happily going to do it ourselves.  Yogie is going to do all the outdoor chores and the dishwasher, if she has lots of down time she will have to do some laundry chores too. 

We had a overnight guest but she had to leave already, her mom signed her up for summer school.  She is learning how to babysit.  My girls are already well and truly versed in babysitting with having niece/nephew/cousins to practice on. 

Poppie when out to feed animals early, and will the rest of the summer, as he has no kids to take to school, so he can get it out of the way first thing in the mornings.  He will help me out later by cutting tile so I can finish up the pantry tiling. 

He, Mokie and Daughter will be moving more of the stuff out of Bugs old garage.  Most of it is Daughter's so she is going to help take it to storage.  She is just back from rehab, of sorts.  She did well there and now she and the kids are back living here in town.  I will be getting to babysit the kids on Wednesday while she works, that will be so nice to have the kids and spend time with them.

Well off to paint.  I did get to read my new M R Dehaan book on Galatians this morning.  It is always so funny how each one I read is always my new favorite one.  I am hoping when I read them the second time each again I will get the pure joy of find each again my favorite.  I do love them so, they give me such insight into the Lord's word. I so love that the Lord speaks to me in so many ways.  The Word, the Bible, and through different books that have been written by people who have devoted their lives to him and write of their fellowship and learning from the Lord.  I hope the Lord speaks to you.  You do know that he already knows if you will accept his gift of Grace in you life, so maybe today is the day that you become his as he as already seen you do....tomorrow.

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