Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Booboo and I painted, and painted, and then we all conked.

Booboo and I got up bright and early and got right at the painting.  She did some of the rolling and some of the edge painting.  She had mishaps but then don't we all.  We got the little bathroom done right away and the bigger bathroom took most of the rest of the afternoon.  There are three giant mirrors in the big bathroom and they were harder to paint around.  There were drips aplenty and the child was cover from head to toe with paint.  I used the ladders and got all the way to the top of the tall wall, so Poppie will not have to help.  I can actually do some of the unfinished parts of the living room myself, I have found, but the last bits will have to be done by Poppie.  I am hoping to get the carpet out of the big bathroom and get the tiling done in there and the last bits of the pantry done too.  I am finding I have new energy of late,  I actually broke down and bought an over the counter sleeping aid and have sleep through the night for over a week, and went to sleep early so that has been a blessing. 

We went Conking in the late afternoon, just as we were leaving the house the Professor called and his radiator was boiling over at the Post Office so we had to detour to the Post Office to help him so he could make it home.  We stopped at the store picked up some ice cream treats and water to drink then we were off on our Conking adventure.  We had decided to try a new place just up from one the Mokie and I had hunted the last couple of year.  We had tried there on Sunday with limited success.  We got out of the car and walked down the bank into the valley.  We saw some right off and were happy to find a new well to tap.  We quickly found a bunch but we also found a lot of brush, rose bushes and thorn bushes as well.  Poppie and Yogie did much more harvesting than Booboo and I, we finally kind of walked across the rock slides on the edge to keep up and then we gave up and climbed the rock slide to the road and gave them moral support.  They kept harvesting steadily and then just as we were about to call it quits Yogie yelled, "Jackpot"  she had found what was a bonanza in her books. She found five big ones on one tree.  They harvested them but had run out of backpack space, and Poppies arms space, so they hiked up the bank and we came home vowing to return on Wednesday, with more backpacks.  We have to go to Church tonight.  All and all a wondrous day, work on the house done, and a fun evening of Conking, or Konking.

I am late blogging today as I read the rest of my M R DeHaan book,  I have just finished the Studies in Galatians. It was a wonderful read,  It was a study mostly about the law and Grace.  It had many enlightening chapters.  I was so uplifted to read it.  It was a most reassuring study in faith.  I do so love all of his writings.  I hope that God's Grace is yours and the law is no longer your master.  God's Grace is the only way to salvation and with out it you are lost.  Please let today be you day of salvation, today is you opportunity to accept God's Grace in you life.  God's gift awaits you.... tomorrow.

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