Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grands, dentists, shopping and the Zoo, again.

Today is our Grandparent's day with Bug's three kids, we get them every Wednesday so that is a blessing to be spending regular time with them.  We had them last week and the day was great, Mokie's three and Bug's three and ours made for a busy day.  The kids hadn't seen each other in several months so it was a joyous day of getting reacquainted.  I am so happy the Daughter allowed us to have them each week.  I am also glad that we can still have a relationship with her that isn't dependent on her relationship or lack there of with Bug.  She spent a great deal of time in our home while she was growing up so our relationship with her was not always based on their relationship anyway.  She is the mother of our grands and that is enough to base a new relationship on.  Today Poppie and Booboo will be holding down the fort so to speak, it is an ortho day so Yogie and I must track in to the Zoo.

We are hoping to stop in at Home Resources and check for more tile, maybe a sink and faucet and paint.  I am not sure we will get anything but we will check we wouldn't want to miss a great deal.  We have to buy some berries for pies for the Farmer's market.  We have several other things to buy as well. The girls might actually purchase some fruit from the Summer Fruit delivery that the date to have your order forms in is tomorrow if at all possible.  I hope that some of you participate it is a great deal considering that buying a clamshell of Blueberries at the store cost 3 to 4 dollars for 6 ounces.  These fruits come in 14 pound units so the cost of the most expensive at 52 is a killer deal when compared to clamshells.  I see that BBFC has peaches this week I hope we get them next week I want to get at least a couple cases.   Okay, I will get off of fruit and on to the day.  We have a few errands and then to the dentist and then hopefully home in time to see the kids before they have to leave.

I hope you have a wonderful day, I pray that your heart is softened to the Lord's invitation and today is the day of your salvation or at least the day you start to inquire upon the Lord.  His words are open for us to see and read daily, open you Bible and begin your communion with the Lord, there is no great joy on earth.... tomorrow.

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