Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tragedy strikes at our house. Pigs, Piglets and more brushing reguired.

Tragedy has struck and one of the 8 children in the house is sobbing and won't be consoled.  Son's pig had piglets today.  It was pouring rain and G-Pa stopped by to drop off straw for the pig that was to have piglets tomorrow.  Well he comes in and said that she was delivering in the pouring rain.  Mokie was on her way to work, and Son was already at work, but when we called he couldn't come home right away.  We called Poppie and he was on his way home so agreed to help G-Pa.  G-Pa had just been over last night to pick up the 12 chicks that the Ladies had hatched out for him.  He took the rest of the eggs that hadn't hatched just encase there were stragglers.  Anyway back to the day at hand.  I had to leave to take Yogie to the dentist. (She needs to improve her brushing, so had a lecture at the dentist, well not really but I hate when she doesn't brush good it always makes me think they think I am a horrible mom.)  Poppie had Booboo to help him with all the kids. They did well and had a great day with the kids.  We got home a short while ago and Poppie wasn't sure how many piglets were born.  Son came to pick up his kids and said that there was one that was really little compared to the rest, there are 10 but not sure she is done having piglets.  I told him I would bottle feed it if he didn't want it, sort of a Fern like offer for Wilbur.  Son said he would take all the kids to see the piglets if they would mind.  Poppie and I unloaded the car and all 8 kids went to see the piglets.

The kids had been gone about 10 minutes when the door came open and in came a child, or several children, all talking at once and one whaling at the top of her voice.  Sobs and Crying was all I could hear.  I said "what has happen?".  One said "She is dead, she is dead."  I got scared and said "who is dead?"  More talking at once, more like they all talked at once, more sobbing.  Yogie ran into my arms tears streaming down her face and say "She's dead"  I said "who is dead?"  She said "Tillie."  I said "What?  How is Tillie dead?"  They all said "Cubbie did it."  I said, "How did Cubbie do it?  How could Cubbie kill Tillie?"  A chorus of children said "she left her in the old car!!"  I said "What car?"  They said the old one in the field.  I cuddled Yogie who was still crying and inconsolably.  I asked them to tell me what they knew.  Poppie had gone to see what happen and Son had found Tillie.  Cubbie (4) had accidently left her in the car when she had gotten her pole out to go fishing.  She either hadn't noticed or didn't think about it being a danger to Tillie.  Tillie loved little kids so had been following Mokie's kids around lately and hadn't been coming home for several weeks,  She just loved sleeping with the baby so we had let her.  No one missed her because each thought she was at the others house.  She had been in the car with the temperature being 91 yesterday and the day before nearly as hot.  Tillie had been left in the car Sunday evening.  I pray she didn't suffer long but I think it was a terrible way to die and grieve at her loss and the horrible way she had to die.  She was the kindest lovingest dog to children. She will be greatly missed by one and all.  I am sorry that with all the excitement going on we all didn't notice her missing.  I feel so sad, and am just as guilty, if not more, for not noticing her being gone.  I hope to use this as a lesson to the kids. 

Oh, there is a baby piglet in my house.  It might have been a comfort to Yogie but it is really little and as I am holding I notice it's front legs seem atrophied.  I think that it might actually die but it might be a comfort and that might have been it's purpose in life to begin with; God always gives us answers and there are never any coincidences. I think the little sad piglet may have had that as it's only reason to live as long as she will... he is actually a girl.  The Ladies and Poppie are digging a grave so I have a funeral to attend...... tomorrow.


  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about Tillie. :( We have a dog that is like a family member and I know it'll be a sad day when Bob passes away. And I hope the little piggie makes it too.

    1. Thank you! I hope Bob lives a long and happy life. The little piggy had a cleft palette and when we finally were able to get her to eat we found it. The more she ate the more pain she was in so we let the kids cuddle her but stopped feeding her and she quietly passed in the night. She fulfilled her purpose and gave the kids soothing love while she was her one earth.


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