Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pokie, Buster Brown and Tiny... the more the merrier?

Pokie came to live with us about a week ago, she had been ours for months but no one got around to moving her.  She had happily lived with her mom at Son's house, well not his house in his pig sty.  She is actually Red's sister but for some reason when we moved the others we didn't mover her, probably because she had been in a different pen.  Oh, did I say she is a piglet.  She was moved over all of a sudden the other day, Mokie came over to get Poppie.  She came in the door and said "Where do you want Pokie, Son has her in his pickup"  Poppie went out and they put her in the goat pen, Red, Chocolate and Pokie now run free range, well as much free range as we have, in the goat pen.  The goats are used to the two others but she was new so they were a little leery of her at first put now she is happily accepted.  The reason for the all of a sudden hurry is that her momma Ribs was ready to have her new babies, I.E. the ones born yesterday. 

The kids will have well and truly learned a lesson from the "Tragedy", I really hope that one and all remember their lose for a long time, it will help them never to leave a living being in the car again, animal or person.  They had a lovely ceremony for Tillie last night, they buried her next to their playhouse.  They are going to put a stone for her, flowers and prayers sent her on to the Lord.  They all see her sitting at the foot of the Lord, guarding him as she did with every baby that she ever saw.  She might be seen following him about so he is safe as well.  She will not soon be forgotten in their lives. 

Tiny the piglet is still alive,  I am not sure she can actually see, her eyes are sealed closed like a puppy is born not like a normal piglet.  Maybe she is early and still developing so we will let her be, she cries when she is hunger, so she wants to live.  She gets around on her front feet and they seem to be loosing up a bit.  I don't still believe she will make it but she is a consolation to my girls.  Yogie took care of her all night and Booboo is doing it this morning. She doesn't eat a lot and I truly think she will slowly pass on. 

Mokie was very sorry about Tillie when she got home from work.  She was very attached to her, as all were, she said I just didn't notice she was gone.  She felt so bad for Yogie that she brought over a puppy that her Nuk, had had about six weeks ago.  A min-pin and pom mix.  The funny little guy is Tillie's color and has long legs like her, other than that there is not resemblance.  Yogie wanted it but Poppie did not, I don't think he was happy that Mokie brought him over.  His heart did melt as it did seem to take the pain away a little for Yogie.   He gave in and "Buster" got to stay,  I have heard Poppie calling him Buster Brown, so Poppie is well and truly hooked.  Did I tell you that we have nine dogs, and Poppie won't build me a pen for them, because they might actually have to stay in the pen.  Poppie's heart would just not let them have to be imprisoned, by his estimation, so there for 8 and some time nine dogs live in my house.  He does keep the Great Pyrenees stay out side on her chain or in the yard "most" of the time. 

Life goes on an ever evolving circle in our lives.  The Lord blesses us and send us lessons, lesson's that cause no pain are not as easily learned so with pain we learn and remember.  Praise God for his love, his chastisements and his rewards in this life so that we may experience Heaven in the next.... tomorrow.

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