Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great Farmer's Market, busy week to come you just can't do it all......

The Ladies had a great farmer's market yesterday.  They had more baked goods than the week before and were still sold out by 10:53.  I went to my first market this week and sold enough soap to take every one out for a nice burger lunch.  We rarely go out so it was a nice get away.  I got to have my hot burger and see the owner's wife.  She had been gravely ill this last fall and winter and nearly died.  The town had a benefit dinner and auction for them.  It was nice to see her back on her feet if still very fragile.  They are having a free lunch on Tuesday for the town I think as a thank you and welcome back.  It will be nice to see her on her way back to normality.

The Preacher and Pianist came over on Friday to look at my stash of moose antlers they had asked me if I knew where to buy one as their daughter wants one.  I had told them last Sunday that I had about 30. That really surprised them, that happens a lot when people find out I have this or that item.  I am admittedly a bit of a hoarder but I am also a bit of a business hoarder too, so to speak.  I don't really put my money into a business account I usually buy things to make more carvings or art with.  I call it my savings account.  It is a really sort of inventory, I would suppose, but not in the usual way.  Being an artist of multiple crafts I buy things that will be for future artistic endeavors.  I buy wool for upcycling, antlers for carving, doll head for doll making and the list goes one. Antlers and wool will be just as good 10 years from now as today when I get around to use them.  People also know I craft and sculpt so they give me inventory as well.  So if you wants something no matter how odd or bazaar the chances are that I probably have it.  It always makes people shake their head that I have so many things or that they find that I would have it in the first place.  My thoughts are that these things are like having money in the bank it's just harder to spend it and not have it when I would really need it like I might money.  I know I am crazy but then admitting it is half the battle isn't it.  I still have it for a rainy day when I need it and I wouldn't have it if it were cash because I would have spent it on something someone couldn't live with out.  So maybe I am not that crazy.

This coming week is impossible full.  The girls are supposed to go to a picnic this evening for 4-H but they have to bake for a bake sale tomorrow.  Tomorrow they get to go to vacation Bible school with Belle's kid, but are supposed to be at a bake sale to make the last of the money they need for the relay for life on Friday.  They will be at vacation Bible school Monday thru Thursday but Booboo has her first piano lesson on Tuesday and they both go to the reading program in the park on Tuesday.  I have told them that they can't do it all so we will have to figure out how to make it all work.  I try not to over schedule them and some people think I allow them to go to the wrong things in there estimation but I think that what ever is more building of their morale character and service to God should have priority.  I am told I should let them do the athletic things first and then this or that because they will need this or that more than Church.  Really? I don't think so.  I think that Church, and church is not a  building or a religion, but the place we have in Jesus, is the most important thing that they can aspire to.  So I guess I am out of step and not ashamed of it.  God is where their minds and hearts should be so today we have decisions to make and how they will spend their week and I know God will win out.... tomorrow.

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