Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yesterday was a gifting day and I praise the Lord for such good friends that I have.....

Yesterday was a day of blessing to be sure.  It started with Lady giving us a cupboard that she no longer needs. It will finish the corner of my pantry wonderfully, and it was an extra blessing that it fits right where I didn't tile yet,  the Lord is truly in control and works in mysterious ways.  For those of you that think the Lord doesn't have time to care about my stupid cupboard I sorrow for you, the Lord knows all our needs and blesses us at his will not when other people think it is a good enough reason to bless some one. I digress but for good reason.  It fits almost perfectly where we needed it.  She also blessed me with some decorations that I will use in my bathroom when I paint it.  And some wondrous cookbooks, such a blessing she is in my life.

I took water Kefir to Lady Hero and she blessed me with Milk Kefir to share with one of my CAKLs ladies.  She also gave me a lovely little Italian Prune tree and Poppie a barbeque.  Poppie was totally siked about the barbeque.  He had thought it was surely their new one when he got there and was astonished that they would give him such a nice barbeque. Lady Hero and Shark were truly a blessing for their kindness to us. 

I went on to Belles and had a good visit, I took her water Kefir and a few jars of canned goods.  She blessed us with kids puzzles, games, pig sticks, a horse riding helmet and me some clothes that she no longer needed.  She, and her Groom, blessed me with a nice visit and shared conversations....  She and her family are always such a blessing from the Lord to us.

Yesterday was surely a blessing of blessing from the Lord.  He knows our needs and he provides in the most blessed of ways.  We am truly loved by the Lord, and the Lords knows we love him so.  I love all my friends and bless them for their kindnesses to us, but most of all for their just being in my life.  The Lord is so good...... tomorrow.

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