Saturday, June 15, 2013

First farmer market, BBFC and Conking.....

Booboo and I spent the greater part of the day baking yesterday.  We ended up baking 6 loafs of sourdough bread, 3 sets of dinner buns, 5 foccacias and 6 pies.  They sold out which was a great day for them.  There were only 3 sellers at the farmers market and Flower Child let them all have a free admissions day.  They were happy to see all the people and get reacquainted with one and all.

Bountiful Baskets was earlier this week.  It was nice to have the earlier time but it caught a lot of people off guard.  We are asking one and all to make sure and check the time for pick up on their confirmation paperwork, it always says it on it but most people don't look.  We seem to all get complacent with our norms and changes seem to surprise us.  It was a nice day at BBFC all in all and it was nice to get to our days earlier.

I ran in to an old friend at the Farmers Market that might come buy several of my goats.  It will be nice to see them go to a good home and have them on a bigger property.  My Lucy Lou and her two little ones have a bit of the wanderer in them so they just don't like the fenced in pens. 

We are off to go conking, it is such a nice day we are escaping, and then later the girls are going to get to go fishing with their new poles.  The Lord Bless your day and your life, may he hold you in his arms and love... tomorrow.

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