Monday, June 17, 2013

Fishing is not always easy, a great get away day......

We were off on our Father's day fishing trip with excitement and joy.  We stopped to get worms to begin our trip to the fishing hole, but we found that Mokie had bought them all out.  We got water and went to the convenience store to pick up worms.  They still had some so we were off on our fishing adventure.  We knew that the water was going to still be high but we were in hopes of finding one still spot to try out the girls new poles.  We passed all of our regular haunts along the way knowing that the water was just moving to fast.  We had chose not to go to the river because Poppie just doesn't like to fish the river if he doesn't have to and it was Father's day after all.  We stop at the camp spot where we had celebrated Booboo's 4th birthday and where Goofy had cut her foot and had had to have surgery oh so many years ago.  The water path had changed so much that some one had had to dump a load of gravel on the meadow to support camping there, a gully had been cut across the meadow grass.  We went down to the water and it, like all the water was high,  I walked around an old path and there were new streams running here and there.  I made it to the giant rock where the Ladies as toddlers had "fished" with their lures, with no hooks to catch up on the rocks.  We couldn't actually get on the rock the new stream was moving around it too fast.  We decided to move up the stream to a place where friends of ours camp but we had never actually camped there. 

We got out at the new site and the water seemed to be a little more calm.   Poppie set the Ladies new poles up and they began to cast, well after Poppie got Booboo's pole out of the weeds.  It had caught on the weeds as they passed by, all untangled they were ready to start.  Yogie played it safe and just cast out into the smaller stream in front of her.  Booboo went out a little onto a rock and cast into a middle area of the stream she was doing okay, and maybe got more courage then she needed, so she cast into the larger stream.  The new yellow sink made a beeline for the underbelly of a big rock and there it stuck.  Try as they might she, nor Poppie, could untuck the hook and it's sinker from the underwater crevasse that had well and truly caught it.  Poppie tried to reassure her that it was his fault that the water was to high and it would have happened to anyone casting in that part of the stream.  She was overcome with despair and could not be comforted.  Her new sinker was gone and she was done fishing.  Poppie told her he would try and get it for her when the water receded as he could see where it was so we would come again and he would get it. 

Booboo and I took a walk into the woods and before long her tears were gone but she did wear a little cloak of gloom the rest of the trip.  We soon left to come home and decided to make little stops to just look at the stream and look forward to the next trip to actually be a fishing trip.  Poppie said we would in the mean time buy some new tackle for each of them so they would have lots of new options for the next fishing trip, maybe that sinker will have future friends to spend time in the crevasse with.  Poppie told them fishing was about leaning to loose the bait and be ready to try again.  I told them if fishing was only about the catching it would be called catching.  Fishing is about the fun had by all more than the fish any way.  We had lots of fun so it was a greatly successful fishing trip.

May you day be filled with love and especially the Lords love.  May your life be lived to the fullest and may the Lord have a hand in your daily success and failures if you need a failure in your life... tomorrow.

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