Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yesterday, Alone, not. But sitting in the peace for a few precious moments at last.....

I don't think that even one thing I planned yesterday actually happened, well I guess in reference to me that is.  Though I did actually get a few minutes to repaint the cupboard door fronts but that is all I managed to do as planned.  I had 4 grands most of the day, two cried when their parents left, two fought because they have not seen each other for a while and couldn't quite figure out who was in charge, but I settled it I am always in charge at my house if Poppie isn't home, and sometimes even when he is, so I won.  I did manage to get Mokie to pick me up 50lbs of four and 25lbs of sugar.  I did make my BBFC order twice, got 2 baskets and 4 cases of peaches coming so that is a blessing, and work for next week. 

Poppie did help me get the floors prepped to tile both bathrooms.  I have decided to do one completely and then do the other, can you imagine not having a bathroom for one of the many travelers through my house to mess up?  Bubbles is coming along on her potty training, she is doing very good and since she is only 18 months ahead of the curve.  I have tile to lay today, most of my plans for the day fell through but I still have to go get herbs from Flower Child and then make it to CAKLs.  I hope Mokie takes her littles to the reading program at the park, and I hope she takes Bubbles, she would have fun and Nannie is having I NEED A BREAK day. 

My ginger ale is coming along nicely,  I wasn't sure until this morning.  NO bubbles seemed to be starting in the jars.  I had decided I would pour it all together but when I opened the jars I heard bubbles so I tightened them back up to let them be.  I am making a second batch today, because if the kids like it it is a three day process and I want to be a head of the curve.  I gave them some of my first batch of lemon water kefir and they both loved it, and this time the actually did, sometime if they just sort of like something they will say they love it but drink it slowly, this one they drained.  Well that is my two Ladies, the other kids were not here to try it.  They both thought it tasted like 7-up or lemon lime soda.  I am so happy that it is a winner, and no bad stuff in it, and a diabetic could drink it so the sugar content is minimal.  I am going to begin writing down all my "loved" water kefir recipes experiments, because they will become standards.  I am going to order bottles to put them up in so they can just take "pop" from the frig.  The only problem I am having is getting reasonable priced bottles that don't look like I am giving them beer.  Okay, so it is a fermented drink so maybe that is funny but then again not so much.  I am really hoping to get their G-Ma to drink it she is a really bad diabetic, that doesn't want to not eat sweets,  maybe I can get her to switch off of pop and on to the kefir "pop".  I pray so.

I am really extra tired this week and cranky so I hope it, what ever it is, goes away soon.  I have lots to do and just no energy to really do it right.  I pray that God heals all that ails you, true sickness or just sickness of your soul.  I hope you take all of your ailments to the Lord he is the way to true health.  He is the healing for your soul, mind and body.  I pray you accept his Grace and step into your salvation this very day.  I hope for your complete rebirth... tomorrow.

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