Friday, June 7, 2013

Pantry tiling a lot of missteps but success in the end.....

I checked my kitchen tile and it looks wonderful, I just had to wait 48 hours to seal it, so I tried to limit the cooking I would have to do so I wouldn't get spatters on the grout.  Poppie was a dear and grilled ribs outside.  Such a sweetie.  I had Mokie pick me up a bag of thin set, it comes in 50lb bags.  Mokie put it in the wheeliebareo when she dropped it off. My industrious Yogie tried to push the wheeliebareo to the house.  Poppie told her it was the one with the bad front tire so it she couldn't use it.  I thought I would have to go out to the driveway to get the thin set.  I really wasn't paying attention because a few minutes later Yogie comes on to the porch pulling the wagon with the thin set in it.  I asked her how she got it in the wagon, she said she rolled it out of the wheeliebareo in to the wagon.  She too is a sweetie.

 I cared the thin set into the pantry. I read the instructions.  The only thing I could find on it said add 6 quarts of water.  Did that mean to the whole bag?  Did it mean I had to divide the bag,  apparently not as I could not find anything saying how much to add to the 6 quarts so it must mean the whole bag?  50lbs and only 6 quarts of water?  I asked Poppie and he didn't know either.  I got a bucket, thanks to Priscilla she had gifted me 5 this week to make tea manure, and put the 6 quarts of water in it and dumped the thin set in it, all 50lbs.  Big mistake, I couldn't stir it and I knew it was time sensitive to drying.  I begged Poppie for help he came and stirred it for me, it was very hard to do.  I had asked earlier if he had a paint stirrer for his drill but the drill is dead and we are awaiting a new one to arrive in the mail.  Thank goodness he was home and he got it stirred for me. I started putting it on the floor with the trowel, it spread okay but it was thicker than I thought it would be and Poppie had had to add one additional quart of water to it to get it mixed.  I finally got the hang of it and managed to spread a row of them,  I used the slotted trowel and made the little lines in before I set the tile.  They sat down real well, so I did the next row and remembered I had set the 2nd row out of the way to make room to thin set the first row.  I had to take up the second row and put down the right row of tile, then on to the real third tow.  I finally truly got the hang of it and with Poppies help I managed to set all the rows between the two cupboards.  We had a little thin set left but not enough to do the rest of the room.  We closed up the bucket and will finish this afternoon, after we pick up more thin set at the hardware store.  We both had sweat pouring off of us, there is no real air out let in the pantry, it and the little bathroom are the only rooms in the house with out an outside window.  Poppie said he is putting in the swamp cooler in today before we finish tiling and then maybe we can get some overflow cool air from the bedroom.  We haven't but up the wall to cover the door way that used to go to the bedroom and won't until we are done building so we can have overflow for some cool air.  All in all the tiling is come along nicely.

I have to go out and drop water Kefir at Lady Hero's and Belle house.  I could go to the Friends of the Library meeting and then to a party for one the friends.  I have tiling to do and I have the littles until 3ish.  Busy day.  Booboo will be home from her friends this morning.  Bubbles, who is 18 months old in two days, has of her own accord started potty training, and doing quite well but needs encouragement every little bit and I don't think it should be Yogie's job to have to always be the one to remind her so lots to do.  My sourdough has been sponging for several days so will try to finish that up this afternoon as well.  My Water Kefir is in 1st brew phase, I had always grown it in growing phase so keeping and eye on that.  It appears to be growing slower and that is interesting.  I love watching all the phases of the Kefir.  It is so different from the milk Kefir, milk Kefir is so much more cut and dried to keep.  I did read that with some people there is a limit for the amount of water Kefir they should take in one day or maybe it's the first day.  It may be something you have to work up to an amount that fits your system.  I have been giving it to the kids and Poppie in pint jars, I never thought about it being more than a cup, because I was using them as a cup to drink out of, until Lady pointed out to me that that is two cups of kefir..... lol.  Okay so no side effect to the kids or Tony even at two cups a day. 

Off to start my busy day, I hope the Lord lives in your heart, talks to your soul and holds you tightly in his arms....... tomorrow.

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