Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby photos, Poppie and the ladies back hoe.

I finished my Etsy to dos and still trying to take it a little easy.  Today Bug finally will be on his way, God bless his endeavor.  My three grands are on their way to a new regrouping with their mom, God bless their endeavor as well.  Give both Bug and Daughter a new lease on their lives and God go with them. 

Here are some photos of Caliope and Coral with momma Cleo.  Below are photos of Poppie trying to teach his ladies to back hoe like the boys.  They just may be better when all is said and done, if Poppie has his way.

I hope you enjoy the photos as I am resting and trying to get well so thought you might enjoy seeing more than hearing.  ........ tomorrow.

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