Thursday, February 7, 2013

The littles are sick and in bed, I am some better today.

I spent yesterday in bed and since I didn't get up I knitted potholders.  I manage to knit up all the t-shirt yarn I had made.  I have a pile of white tee with logos on them to cut up still, I am thinking I am going to dye most of them a two color fade.  Since there are around thirty of them it may seem excessive to dye them all in the same dye pattern but it has come to my attention that one tee shirt doesn't go all the far.  If it has no seams it can be cut as thin as 1quarter inch and that makes for a finer longer yarn so goes a little farther but all in all they don't make a large amount of yarn.  I was thinking as I knitted, and I have found that I can knit a potholder consistently in 22 minutes.  Okay so it was a long boring morning, a whole pile of shabby chic potholders resulted though.  Anyway, I was thinking I had seen one site on Etsy where the lady was selling lovely yarn in beautiful colors and no logos spots among them.  I got to thinking surely she is buying tees in bulk, well I did find a site that sells bulk tees,  they begin at 1.39 apiece and 2.25 apiece for colored.  I am thinking I will buy some.  The thrift store ones are a good deal for one type of yarn but to make pretty yarn for other items the bulk tee would be a good deal,  I am thinking I can dye them for the difference but maybe not, will have to figure out the difference counting time and dye, or maybe it would be a matter of special colors I couldn't get pre-dyed.  Okay, I am obsessive but it was a thought and entertained my thoughts while I was abed.

The ladies are home in bed today, so good thing I am on the mend.  I will have Cubbie and Bubbles too.  I also have two boxes of tomatoes that are ready or nearly ready to be canned.  I will be working on that this morning.  I am making progress on my Bible studies and nearly done with the one I am working on and just got a delivery of the three M.R. De Haan's I won on Ebay after reading the one he wrote on I Corinthians.  I have found he wrote twenty five books altogether so it will take me awhile to find all of them, if I can.  I am way to cheap to buy to new printings of them.  I did find a group of them mixed in with some that his son wrote. I have no idea if I like his son's writing but if I win them I will find out.  If I don't win them maybe God did feel I needed to read those ones.  I am interested in going to  the weekly book club at the library and as I don't read novels I didn't think I could be within the curriculum that they abide by.  This month they are doing books about letters.  I am thinking that surely I can find a book that I would read that complied with letters.  I could after all read an epistle if nothing else but I have chosen Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul,  I am thinking the little non fiction stories are written in what I would say are letters.  I was told by Poppie this morning that if all of them make me cry he will take away my book.  I told him they all didn't make me cry so he allowed me to keep my book.  Men they never will realize that crying isn't always about being sad.

I hope you have a great day,  I hope the Lord blesses you and your house.  I pray the girls get by with being no sicker than I was. ....... tomorrow.

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