Monday, February 11, 2013

Poppie in pain, Potluck, a lazy afternoon and Faith.

Yesterday was potluck, most of the people at Church were sick on some level so we shard our germs among the already stricken.  I am thinking no one will be  the lesser for the sharing.  The message was good, its funny how God always makes things into context.  I had read on one of the aspects he spoke on and the other I had seen a message on the late night sermons.  I know God has a plan for all our lives and never fails to tell us so if we but seek out his word. 

In one of the books I have been reading this week, I read where the author said that God speaks to some in hymns or song, that has always been one of the ways I know God is speaking to me or maybe it is more that he encourages me in song.  I have always had a song that out of the blue will play in my head in all it glory.  On rare occasion I have had a few other songs come forth but mostly the one, it makes me comforted to know that others experience the songs from God.  My regular song is Sing Hosanna and one of my rarer songs is The Great I am.  I have been blessed with songs this week, and the filling of my soul is over flowing. 

Poppie is in a lot of pain and was in pain all day yesterday.  He over did it on Saturday cleaning the carpets.  I told him that he had more than done enough but then he is a stubborn man and pays for his lapses on more occasions that I would like to know.  We had a quiet restful afternoon.  I hope today he just takes it easy and mends.  I have to take Mokie to the Zoo to get her new to her car today but will be making a quick trip in and back,  I will have my own vehicle and won't have to be on her schedule.  I have to pick up Booboo from school, Yogie is at home mending from being sick. 

I think one of the biggest things I have taken away from studying the word of God this week is that faith is stand alone.  It is not something we do, it is not something we can earn or work for.  It can not be proven and it can not be disproved.  You can't make someone have it and you can't take it away from someone.  Faith is given and God chooses to whom he gives it.  God knows who he has chosen to give it to.  I see people trying all the time to disprove that the world was made in 6 days or arguing how it was made in 6 days but the reality is that God doesn't want it to be provable or disprovable it is about the faith that we have in his word.  His word is either believed or not believed when you go about trying to prove it or not you no longer are believing on the basis's of faith.  Did the red sea part for Moses? yes, because God said it did, to those who would believe if they could just know for sure, that is not faith.  Did a virgin give birth to our Lord? yes, because God said so and the need for proof is not faith.  Faith is a complicated thing and all God asks of us...... tomorrow.

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