Thursday, February 21, 2013

I have run the gambit, Etsy calls, and more babies.

I have officially gotten every type of sickness my family has shared with me and then some.  I started with razors in the throat, advanced to a UTI, then I got a deep chest cold, and finally the sinus/headache.  I was hopeful of recovery a couple of times and just made it worse so in the house until well and truly well.  Thank you one and all who contributed to over two weeks of rolling along sickness.  I think finally every one is well so maybe I am on my way to health, lets hope no one else has to share with me their special brand of being sick.  I am more than ready to be well, have lots of work to do and have two orders to fill so no more time to lolly gag.

We have now gotten more babies.  Jewels had a little boy that Yogie named Jack, he is all red with a big white star.  This morning Poppie came in to report that Sahara has had a little one, unknown yet what sex but looks just like Jack, but bigger so am thinking it will be a single but who knows at this point.  Will check on her a little later, well, I probably won't have to as Mokie is going to be taking Sahara as her own and is going to use the baby to make her stay in the pen, she likes to jump fences and she can jump all of them. The baby will be the bait too keep her home and in the pen.

I have a couple of orders to work on one for a photographer,  I have a to make a diaper cover, bow tie and hat all upcycled and patchy for photo props.  I like to make photo prop they seem to be just fun.  I also have to make covers for a 14 month old.  So no more time to be sick.  I am also working on a couple of book projects.  A playing board and a couple of paintings.  I always like to work on something new to get my energy going after being sick, kind of pulls me out and makes me get up and do something. 

I have recently found that my parents are moving, again.  My mom is a funny creature, she likes to only tell the kids she wants to help her when she does things like this.  I found out through the grapevine so I am not going to be among those helping.  I found out a lot of the others found out that way as well and they aren't all that happy about the move.  I am basically at a place in my life where I can't help some one who doesn't want my help so am no longer phased at my mothers antics.  I have heard she is keeping it secret because she doesn't like all her private stuff put on Spacebook, well since I have never spoken about my mother on facebook I may not truly be guilty of the crime I am being accused of but say la vee.  I was talking to my aunt on the phone last week and she wanted to know something about my mom's move and I told her I was not one of the kids in the loop.  My aunt said my mom was just old and acting as the old do.  I told her my dad and I had spoken about  my mom some years back and he had asked me "do you remember you mom's grandmother?"  I said "yes, she was as mean as the day is long"  He said,  "yay, I know, I live with her"   Age can do so many strange things to people.  I is surely an event of changes, and thoughts of what was that person thinking?  I love my parents but I am not in a place where I can any longer try to please some one that doesn't want to be pleased with me any way.  I spent way to much of my life jumping to a the demands of my mother and I will no longer be subject to her whims.  I love her but maybe time not spent together is better than the destruction of the love we have left...... tomorrow.

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