Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am not sure if I am among the living but hope to be today.

I do want to thank my children for their love of sharing.  I was sick last week with the a cold or flu they so lovingly brought to me.  My kids and my grands are so kind to share with me.  Poppie had shared as well,  I didn't actually end up in bed but struggled through with no energy and in slow mo, but that was not enough for any of them.  I shared with them they got sick and they are all well and out and about enjoying their valentines day.  Just for good measure they shared with me again and on Tuesday I woke up sicker than I have been since I quite at that office where the system was closed and I got to share the germs of fifty or more people with questionable lifestyle choices so was sick a lot.  I spent the first day flat and unable to keep even water done and gave up trying, yesterday I was able to keep liquids done and got jello and eggs for dinner.  Today I am on the mend but very aware that I am not at my best so will take it easy to get back on my feet and hop no one insists on sharing their germs again with me.  Poppie is in a lot of pain, the weather sometime effects him more than other times.  Today and most of yesterday his legs and back have been in real pain, he tried to sleep with his back brace in but determined he can't breath very well that way in bed.

 I am therefore saying in an apologetic manner that I did not abandon you I just didn't have the strength to turn on my computer for two days.  Isn't it odd that years ago we lived perfectly content lives and didn't have to feel compelled to turn on a machine.  I suppose a lot like people felt when they got phones into their homes.  How did we manage with out a phones in our home or a computer, or more like now with a computer in our hand with in our phone?  Oh to not be tied to a small hand held device that rules our world.  Wouldn't it be so easy to go back, or maybe not? 

We got our first baby goat yesterday.  I couldn't get out of bed so Poppie brought it as a surprise to my bed to see.  He was surprised to find it, at first he didn't comprehend why one of the goats was making an odd sound in the barn.  He fed they and then when Spice came out the noise go louder and more frantic.  He decided to investigate and there the little red fellow was.  He was desperately try to find his momma, on all fours wiggly though they be, he was following along.  He had a twin but the little fellow was under developed and still born.  Our first of the season, soon our barn will be full of the little ones.  It is always nice to see the little babes, my favorite time of the year, spring is on its way.  Happy Valentines day to one and all, may your love know that they are loved by you and may you know that you are loved by them.  The Lord sends us his love every day and we are always his valentines even when we know it not..... tomorrow.

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