Friday, February 8, 2013

Tomatoes,one gone back...

Yogie helped me with tomato canning yesterday.  She was sick but not as much as her sister she never really is.  She is probably as sick today as yesterday but one day off of school was more than she could abide.  She was hoarser today but assured me she was much better.  She wants to catch up on her missed day and pick up her sister school work.  I couldn't see a reason to keep her home if she wanted to go, no fever, no coughing and no will to stay home.  We ended up with 18 quarts and 1 pint.  Yogie got to do the drop and the retrieving.  She dropped the tomatoes into the boiling water and fished them out when they split.  I cut them and put them in the jars.  We water bathed them, we put in vinegar and salt into each jar.  It was a successful canning, and very few jars empty in our cupboards.  We try to keep them full, no purpose in having cupboards full of jars most of the year. 

I have Cubbie and Bubbles this morning.  Poppie and I might be working on moving another shelf for more restructuring in the office/tooling room.  I hope to have it all done soon.  We want to finish up the girls room by removing their carpet and putting in laminate and painting.  I think that they will enjoy the process of redecorating their rooms.  I may just have enough tile to do the master bath, I would so love not to have any more carpeting in the entire house but it is a process to buy all of it and getting it gone.  I think I may get the dog pen I have begged for for five years, I am not sure but it may have given my carpet a longer lifetime.  Though I am sure that goats and kids had as much to do with it demise as did the dogs.  Either way I am glad to see it going and will not miss it once it is all gone. 

I have some soap to rebatch today and maybe a batch of laundry soap to cook.  I am still moving slow and zapped of energy but at least the will is there, which it wasn't most of the week.  I hope you have a great day and remember that the Lord gives us all and with out him we are nothing.... tomorrow.

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