Sunday, February 3, 2013

Second week of Baskets, in the bag..... The Lord Blessed us with baskets...

Yesterday was a full day here.  Poppie took the girls to basket ball before 9.  I decided at 9:30ish to walk in and watch.  It is about 2 miles to the school from the house,  the day was lovely and the walk was nice, if slow, as I have not walked for awhile.  I got there and made the girls quite happy at my arrival.  I was happier later that I had got to see them play as as it turned out they didn't get to go to the game later.  I had the car and Mokie was not home to take them, I was sorry for their loss.  Poppie has promised to take them to shoot hops later at the school grounds.  They are soothed and can't wait to compete, with dad, and each other. 

Lady and I were early for BBFC, to get things straightened out and ready before volunteer time.  It was a good thing, the room was set for a meeting or a banquet, maybe it was both.  We got the tables put away and the room ready to go.  We had one lady show up a bit later.  We were all talking about whether we would have baskets or not. I said I knew the Lord would provide them,  though we did bring sacks just in case.  The lady, I will call her, Caseworker, she does that in her real life, was not sure and felt stuffing bags together the better plan.  I told her she should be supporting my prayers, and she said it would make me prayer better if she was thinking different than I was. In the end my prayers were answered, God did provide, and the baskets were on the truck.  I knew they would be.  The truck was a little late, he had had to be two places at once prior to us but in the end all produce got unloaded, distributed to the baskets and pickup time went well.  We had one little hitch but in the end it all worked out well and all the baskets ended up where they were supposed to go and all were happy with their produce. 

The girls and I went to the store before I went to baskets and since I messed up and didn't get my citrus pack ordered we checked on oranges at the store.  They are not the marmalade ones that we were to get, but they are on sale so, Booboo and I got oranges and lemons, to make up for that they aren't the sour marmalade oranges, to make marmalade with.  We are going to let the tomatoes ripen a few days before we can them.  So marmalade today.  We are going to use the meat slicer to cut the citrus so the we get it extra thin.  It should make for a nice mix, and we are using Martha's recipe.  Wish us luck. 

I talked to a lady about piano lesson's for Booboo, Yogie is not interested in the least.  The beloved music teacher, that just passed on to glory, had just spoken to Booboo about having lesson's in either piano or guitar, as he thought she had an aptitude for it, just before his passing.  She will always remember his encouragement, he meant a lot to her.  She is especially loving of teachers, I think, because she so wants to be one when she grows up.  The world will be a better place if she succeeds.  I hope to do everything I can to help her accomplish her dream. 

Off to Church today, Pianist and Texas ordered a basket and a guacamole pack so we will get to see how they liked them.  I hope you have a day of rest and the Lord blesses your Sunday.  The best day of the week we get to praise the Lord in an assembly of called out people, Church..... tomorrow.

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