Friday, February 15, 2013

Cubbie melts down. Oh, what kids come up with or are inspired to think up.

Yesterday was a slow day,  I was up and down most of the day, still sick but on the way to recovery.  I manage to make dinner but Poppie had to serve it.  We had meat loaf, baked potatoes and green bean that I had canned.  It was mostly an uneventful day, Bubbles is sick and spent most of the day laying with me in bed or playing with her little boom box she got for Valentines Day.  I gave them cookies in a tin so she liked that as well, Poppie mopped the kitchen, played with the littles and played pinball on the computer, his only use for computers. I read, as I was feeling better enough too, but mostly a slow restful day, well except for the melt down. 

Poppie had gone to get the kids from school and the girls were in the front room playing as Bug watched TV.  Cubbie all of a sudden started scream frantically at Bug, babbling something that he could not understand.  I could not hear her well enough to understand what she was saying so I told him to send her to me.  He sent her in and she screamed at me.  "Bubble is going to die,  she has ink on her hand she is going to die, she is going to die."  I said "honey she isn't going to die ink will not kill anyone."  She grabbed her sister and dragged her into the bathroom.  She wasn't screaming any longer so I didn't really pay attention to her.  I did look in on them a bit later to see what was up.  There Cubbie was frantically scrubbing her sisters hand with a wash cloth.   I  asked her again "what is the matter."  She said "she is going to die.  She has ink on her hand."  I said "honey ink will not hurt her."  She said "yes, my dad said ink will kill you."  I said "honey ink won't kill you. "  She said "yes, Nannie, my daddy is big like Uncle Bug and Poppie, and he knows, he said if we get ink on our hands it will kill us.  She has ink on her hands and she is going to die."  Bug had come into help me at that time, he said.  "the markers Nannie have are non toxic, they will not kill you, your sister is fine"  I am not sure that Cubbie ever really got it that her dad might not know all but that since she didn't see her sister dying we might be right.  After I got her all settled down I called her mother at work.  I told her what had happened, she was not happy about the outcome.  She said she would talk to Son.  He had intended, I am sure, to try to get them to stop writing on each other with markers but hadn't intended for her to fall apart thinking her sister was going to did.  Mokie told me this morning they had had a talk about ink so hopefully that fear is put to rest.  The things that kids come up with never seem to amaze me from things they are told.  Mokie did say that Son was not going to tell them anything like that in the future.......

Light housework to do today, more rest and BBFC paperwork to work on.  None of that should be to stressful, my NyQuil is still a comfort though yesterday I about aspirated myself on it while taking it.  I have to go find out what the two naughties are up to, no ink I hope, so, have a great day and rejoice in the day that Lord has given us...... tomorrow.

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