Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coral and Calliope are born at NannieLand.

Poppie came in carrying a small wet muddy mess yesterday.  He had found Cleo out in the pen having just delivered a set of twins.  He carried them into the barn and gave her a straw pile to warm them.  He noticed the little one was very cold so he brought her in to me.  I immediately took her to the sink and washed in warm water.  The water temperature soon brought her up to temperature.  Her momma had been hollering at Poppie as he walked away with her baby.  I dried her off good and took her right back to her momma.  Her momma had not yet dropped her placenta so was not really letting the babies nurse.  I tried to get her to let them but she was not sure the little one I had was her baby,  I knew having washed it that that might be the case but it was the only way to warm her up quickly.  I laid the baby in the straw by her sister and kind of rubbed them together.  The other baby was mostly dry and warm.  Cleo check out the baby pawed it a little, I didn't let her hurt her, I figure I might have to bottle feed her but it was worth a try to give her to her momma who is a great mother.  Cleo nosed her and finally licked her as if to taste her, she finally let her stay but wouldn't let either nurse, which was odd for her.  I think Poppie having made her walk across the pen put her off her routine.  The bigger baby is a dark red headed Boer, her name is Coral,  the smaller babe is a funny mixed up baby, she has a light red head with a dark patch on her shoulder,  I called her Calliope.  The girls were at a sleep over last night so didn't get to see them until this morning when they brought there friends up, all 5 of the littles couldn't wait to see the babies.  So, I let the cat out of the bag in that Calliope did survive and her momma did feed her but Poppie was sure worried about her last night, he had to go out to Lozeau to get a heat light and checked on the babies several time before bed.  He went out early this morning expecting the worse and found two little babies following momma, like puppies awagging their tails.  Cleo did good and we have two wonderful little girls in our barn.  Calliope got claimed by Booboo and Coral is Yogies.  We should have a whole bushel of babies shortly.  I do so love when the babies come.

 We have one old doe that is ill and after treating her for months we are going to have to put her down today,  the cycle of life in reality.  The girls get to see life up close and personal, I like that, but sometimes it is stark reality.  Even a real little like Cubbie knows what death is on a farm, I am thinking that is what prompted her frantic melt down.  I talked to her again yesterday about the ink and she said her dad said his pen is still something she can't touch but now she knows the ink doesn't kill you, per her daddy, as well as the rest of us. 

Today is our third day of distribution for BBFC.  I can't wait.  We are up to 85 baskets this week it is wonderful that so many in the community have access to the wonderful produce.  I think that this week should be a smooth operation.  We both have learned a lot in the last two distributions and all the volunteers have been wonderful so with good people, good thoughts and God behind us how can it not be...... tomorrow.

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